Counseling & Support

At the Swedish Cancer Institute, patients and their families have access to a range of psychosocial services, including support for individuals, couples and families, and regular peer support groups for patients and caregivers.

These services are part of our Division of Psycho-Oncology, which includes board-certified psychiatrists and oncology social workers who work exclusively with cancer patients and families. 

See our oncology social work flier (PDF)

Support Groups

The Swedish Cancer Institute offers a variety of support groups. The groups provide an opportunity to meet with others having experiences similar to your own. Each group is facilitated by an experienced Swedish Cancer Institute support group facilitator and are open to all people in the community.

See our Swedish Cancer Institute Cancer Support Groups brochure (PDF)

Support group members experience and receive:

  • Practical information
  • An understanding of diagnosis and treatment
  • A safe and caring place to share feelings and learn self-care skills
  • A place to develop coping skills and discover how one lives life fully in the midst of cancer

Individual and Family Care

  • Coping with treatment
  • Improving communication with health-care providers, friends and family members
  • Managing depression and anxiety
  • Dealing with current and past losses
  • Providing resources for relaxation techniques, stress management, visualization and imagery
  • Helping family members cope with your cancer and its treatment 
  • Financial concerns
  • Connecting with community agencies and services
  • Finding mental-health counselors in the community who have experience working with cancer patients

Ask Dr. Wynn


Life to the Fullest, an eNewsletter published by Swedish Cancer Insittute, is committed to helping you address the issues, ask the questions and find the solutions that will allow you to embrace life as a cancer survivor.

Dr. Wynn answers the questions about the following topics in the newsletters.

Cancer Communications

Changing Sexual Relations

What can I do to hold it together when everything seems to be falling apart?

As a cancer survivor, how can I cope with the fears caused by my disease?

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