Colorectal Cancer Team

Colorectal Cancer Team

Swedish has been treating colorectal cancer for more than 30 years. Our team of board-certified colorectal surgeons performs more surgeries and provides more radiation treatment options than any other center in the region.

Modern cancer treatment requires the input of multiple types of cancer specialists for developing and applying the best treatment plan individualized for each patient. Diagnostic radiologists and pathologists provide essential information regarding the diagnosis of cancer, the extent of the cancer, and the individual characteristics of each cancer that help to determine the prognosis, the appropriate treatment, and patient’s potential reaction to the treatments. Surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists are the primary treating physicians, often working together to develop a combination of treatments that offer the best outcome for each individual patient. Other physicians specialize in caring for and managing the side effects of the treatment and the cancer that the patient might experience through pain management, physical fitness and rehabilitation, mental and spiritual well being, natural medicine, and nutrition.

At Swedish, we create a team of cancer physicians appropriate for each individual patient to optimize our patients’ treatment plan and provide the very best outcome possible. The team works together in coordinating the diagnostic procedures, reviewing the patient’s unique situation, prescribing and delivering the appropriate treatments, and following the patient post treatment. This team approach provides our patients with the opinion and expertise of the very best physicians.





Colorectal Surgeons

Colorectal surgeons are physicians who specialize in performing procedures and surgeries for colon and rectal conditions and diseases including colorectal cancer. Our Swedish colorectal surgeons are all board-certified and highly experienced in colorectal cancer surgery as well as screening and diagnosis.

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Genetic Cancer Counselor

A genetic counselors is a health professional with specialized training in genetics, medicine, risk assessment and counseling. At the Swedish Herediatry Clinic, a board-certified genetic counselor meet individuals concerned about the risk of an inherited cancer predisposition, analyze medical and family histories and discuss options for genetic testing and for preventive screening and treatments. The genetic counselor works closely with oncologists, surgeons and other cancer specialists to help integrate the genetic-test results into patient care and surveillance for cancer.

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A physiatrist, or physician specializing in rehabilitation medicine, helps restore optimal function and quality of life to people who as a result of illness or injury have reduced ability to participate in everyday activity. An onco-physiatrist is a rehabilitation physician sub-specializing in cancer rehabilitation.

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The psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the assessment and care of emotional and thinking problems that may arise with cancer, medications, side effects, pain and other stresses. Their practice focuses on cancer-related problems, especially those caused by or interfering with your care.

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Let us help you sort through your treatment options. Hear from our board-certified colorectal surgeons, watch a video about a cancer survivor’s journey through treatment and access additional information about your condition.

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Cancer services are provided at the Arnold Pavilion and at our locations in Ballard, Bellevue, Cherry Hill, Edmonds, Issaquah and Burien (Highline partnership).




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