Breast Cancer Treatment Options

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Personalized Breast Cancer Care

Thanks to ongoing research and medical advances, women who face breast cancer now have several treatment options available, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy or, more often a combination of therapies. The most effective, most appropriate treatment plan is individualized to the woman based on the nature of her particular cancer and circumstances. The treatment plan is developed in conjunction with her treatment team.

What to Expect with Breast Cancer

In the video below, Breast Surgeon, Dr. Claire Buchanan provides an important overview of what to expect when dealing with breast cancer.

How to Talk to Your Doctor When Dealing with Breast Cancer

With the help of the American Cancer Society, Registered Nurse, Betsy Scott lists important information and tips on how to talk with your doctor in the video below.

Understanding Your Treatment Path

Breast Surgeon, Dr. Shannon Tierney, takes you step-by-step through common treatment paths for breast cancer in the video below.

Swedish Breast Cancer Comprehensive Care Services

Cancer can affect patients and their families in many ways, not all of them physical. Swedish goes beyond treating the disease to help patients and family to cope with cancer integrating services for the mind, body and spirit into an individual’s cancer care.


Social Work Services

Questions about billing or insurance coverage, language services, support for you, your family, friends and children? Our social work department can assist you with these needs.

Psychosocial Services

Anxious, depressed, feeling overwhelmed? Resources include counseling and support groups.

ACTIVE Program/Physical Therapy Services

Feeling fatigued? Worried about how treatment is affecting your well being? Need assistance with preventing or treating lymphedema or recovery after surgery? Our programs range from single consultations to ongoing care.

Complementary Therapies

Interested in learning more about naturopathic approaches to treatment? Massage therapy? Nutrition, meditation, music and art therapy are available.

High Risk Surveillance

Have personal or family risk factors for cancer? Expert clinical breast exams and management of enhanced screening are available

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