Get a Second Opinion

If you’re not feeling confident about your diagnosis and treatment plan, we encourage you to take some time to do your homework so that you can make an informed decision. This is especially important with breast cancer because you may have several treatment choices, depending on your type and stage of breast cancer.

Here at Swedish we see many patients seeking a second opinion. For the vast majority of patients, a reasonable time frame between diagnosis and surgery is usually within 1-2 months—definitely enough time to seek a second opinion if you feel that you need it.

A second opinion can give you:

  • confirmation of your biopsy results
  • more information about your type and stage of cancer
  • additional treatment plan options
  • an opportunity to evaluate factors beyond clinical care and treatment, such as the availability of support groups, classes, genetic testing, nutrition and financial counseling

What to ask

If you decide to seek a second opinion, here are some questions you should consider asking:

  • Have you reviewed all the reports and images related to my case?
  • Was the image/lab test/biopsy report sufficient to make a firm diagnosis?
  • Would another test give us more complete information?
  • If you agree with the initial diagnosis, can you confirm or recommend revisions to the proposed treatment plan?
  • Can you reassure me that we have explored all our options?

If you’d like a second opinion from Swedish, call one of our care coordinators at 1-855-TRUECTR (1-855-878-3287).

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