Behavioral Health & Psychiatry

At Swedish, we believe mental health plays a critical role in your overall wellness and quality of life. We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive mental health care in a comforting, therapeutic environment, and to closing the stigma gap associated with mental illness. 

Our board-certified psychiatrists work with individuals who need care, and area physicians who are seeking expert counsel about mental health issues. 

Explore our Behavioral Health programs to find the service that’s right for you:


Inpatient Program
Beneficial for people who are experiencing an acute mental illness and require intensive 24-hour care to stabilize their condition
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Addiction and Recovery Program
Evaluation and treatment for people with chemical dependencies
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Partial Hospitalization
Short-term, intensive day-treatment program for individuals with acute psychiatric needs
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Perinatal Behavioral Health
Programs for pregnant women and mothers of young children who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety or other emotional distress
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Electroconvulsive Therapy
A safe and very effective treatment for certain psychiatric disorders
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Swedish Ballard Behavioral Health Unit

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