Treatment for Pregnant or Postpartum Women

Treatment for Pregnant or Postpartum Women

For pregnant and postpartum women with chemical dependencies and substance abuse disorders, Swedish offers a customized, intensive inpatient program that includes:

  • Detoxification and stabilization
  • Chemical dependency treatment and support
  • Education about pregnancy, parenting and infant care
  • Referrals to support services in the community

Intensive Inpatient Program

Inpatient services in a safe, compassionate setting give pregnant and postpartum patients the help they need to start getting back to good health and to gain momentum to continue overcoming their addictions.

The program typically lasts 26 days, but a team of caregivers close to the patient determines the length of stay, as well as the overall treatment plan.

Treatment includes individual and group counseling, which helps patients plan for their continued recovery. Patients also participate in behavior groups to understand substance use and the associated problems. Community support groups are also an important part of the treatment process. After patients are in recovery, continued care through an outpatient program is usually recommended.

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