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General Information

  • Urology
Education Background
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine, 1985
Residency: University of Washington, Dept of Urology
Fellowship: University of Washington, Urologic Oncology
  • English
  • Japanese
Professional Associations
American Urological Association, Washington State Medical Association
Personal Interests
Family, Fishing, Skiing



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Clinical Experience

  • Urology
Clinical Interests
  • asymptomatic bacturia
  • atony urinary bladder
  • balanitis
  • balanoposthitis
  • benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • biopsy of penis
  • biopsy of periurethral tissue
  • biopsy of scrotum or tunica vaginalis
  • biopsy of urethra
  • bladder disease
  • bladder diverticulum
  • bladder exstrophy
  • bladder fistula
  • bladder hemorrhage
  • bladder neck obstruction
  • bladder sphincterotomy
  • bladder trauma
  • bph surgery
  • catheter
  • circumcision
  • condylomata acuminata
  • congenital anomaly of urinary system
  • continuous leakage of urine
  • crushing injury of external genitalia
  • cystectomy
  • cystogram
  • cystometry
  • cystoscopy
  • cystoureterostomy
  • cystourethroscopy
  • cystourethrostomy
  • detrusor instability
  • dilatation of ureter
  • dilation of ureteral meatus
  • dysplasia of prostate
  • ectopic ureter
  • edema of male genital organs
  • edema of penis
  • elevated psa
  • encysted hydrocele
  • enlarged prostate
  • enterovesical fistula
  • epididymal cyst removal
  • epididymal mass
  • epididymectomy
  • epididymitis
  • epididymo-orchitis
  • epididymotomy
  • epispadias
  • female genital problems
  • foreign body in genitourinary tract
  • foreign body in penis
  • frenulotomy of penis
  • frequency of urination
  • frequent urinary tract infections
  • frostbite of penis
  • functional incontinence
  • genital herpes, female
  • genital herpes, male
  • granuloma inguinale
  • groin mass
  • hematuria
  • hydrocele
  • hydrocelectomy
  • hypoplasia of penis
  • hypospadias
  • ileal conduit
  • increased frequency of micturition
  • infected hydrocele
  • infection of cystostomy
  • infection of kidney
  • insertion of testicular prosthesis
  • interstim
  • interstitial cystitis
  • intra-lesional therapy for peyronie's disease
  • kidney injury
  • kidney malformation
  • kidney stone
  • laparoscopic urology
  • lichen sclerosus of penis
  • lysis of penile adhesions
  • male genital organ stricture
  • male genital problems
  • meatal stenosis
  • micropenis
  • microscopic hematuria
  • mixed incontinence
  • nephrectomy
  • nephropexy
  • nephrostomy
  • nephrotomy
  • nephroureterectomy
  • neurogenic urinary bladder
  • nocturia
  • nontraumatic rupture of bladder
  • open pyeloplasty
  • overactive bladder
  • overflow incontinence of urine
  • painful bladder syndrome
  • paralysis of bladder
  • partial cystectomy
  • partial nephrectomy
  • partial orchiectomy
  • penile bleeding
  • penile chordee
  • penile discharge
  • penile fibrosis
  • penile hypoplasia
  • penile hypospadias
  • penile induration
  • penile leukoplakia
  • penile plaque
  • penile prosthesis
  • penis
  • penis straightening chordee
  • periurethral abscess
  • peyronie's
  • phimosis
  • plastic urethral sphincter
  • polyuria
  • post prostatectomy erectile impairment
  • post-prostatectomy incontinence
  • post-void dribbling
  • post-void residual
  • prostate abscess
  • prostate bleeding
  • prostate examination
  • prostate infection
  • prostate specific antigen
  • prostatic atrophy
  • prostatic cyst
  • prostatic hyperplasia
  • prostatic hypertrophy
  • prostatic massage
  • prostatitis
  • pyelitis
  • pyelonephritis
  • pyeloscopy
  • pyelostomy
  • radiation cystitis
  • radioactive seed implants
  • reconstruction of urethra
  • rectourethral fistua
  • recurrent urinary tract infection
  • release of chordee
  • removal of internal penile prosthesis
  • renal cortical necrosis
  • renal denervation
  • renal disease and pregnancy
  • repair of rectourethral fistula
  • replacement of ureterostomy tube
  • reversal of vasectomy
  • screening for malignant neoplasms of prostate
  • screening for malignant neoplasms of testis
  • scrotal abscess
  • scrotal cyst
  • scrotal disorder
  • scrotal mass
  • scrotal pain
  • scrotectomy
  • semen abnormality
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • slowing of urinary stream
  • spermatic cord torsion
  • spermatocele
  • spermatocele aspiration
  • straining on urination
  • stress incontinence
  • stretching of prepuce
  • swollen penis
  • testicular atrophy
  • testicular hydrocele
  • testicular pain
  • testopel treatment
  • total incontinence
  • transgender surgery
  • transurethral balloon dilation of prostatic urethra
  • transurethral cystoscopy
  • transurethral prostatectomy
  • unilateral orchidectomy
  • ureter
  • ureteral meatotomy
  • ureteral stent
  • ureterectomy
  • ureteric fistula
  • ureteric obstruction
  • ureterocele
  • ureteroenterostomy
  • ureterolithotomy
  • ureteropelvic junction obstruction
  • ureteroplasty
  • ureterotomy
  • urethra
  • urethral abscess
  • urethral caruncle
  • urethral discharge
  • urethral diverticulum
  • urethral false passage
  • urethral fistula
  • urethral polyps
  • urethral stenosis
  • urethral stricture
  • urethral syndrome
  • urethrocystopexy
  • urethromeatoplasty
  • urethropexy
  • urethrotomy
  • urinary diversion
  • urinary hesitation
  • urinary retention
  • urinary tract infection
  • urinary tract injury
  • urinary tract malformation
  • urinary tract obstruction
  • urinary urgency
  • urine
  • uroflowmetry
  • varicocele
  • vasectomy
  • vesicocutaneous fistula
  • vesicoureteral reflux
  • video urodynamic
  • voiding dysfunction
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