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We provide complementary health care, treating the individual for optimal wellness.
Education Background
Medical School: Bastyr University, Naturopathy
Fellowship: National Institutes of Health, Research
National Institutes of Health Research Fellowships
  • English
Personal Interests
Complementary Cancer Care, Women's Health, Family Care

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2005-2010 NIH Research Fellowship. I was awarded a grant to study the clinical and basic science effects of a natural product from the medicinal mushroom, Trametes versicolor. The basic science study explored the immunological effects of the polysaccharide portion of the mushroom on Toll-like 4 receptors on macrophage and T helper 1 activation. Various cytokines that promote inflammatory reactions or suppress them were also studied. The clinical portion of the study looked at the effects of the mushroom on healthy women and those burdened with breast cancer. Primary focus was given to Natural Killer cell activity and immune cell recovery following chemotherapy.


Clinical Interests
  • Naturopathic Medicine