Pascualy Ralph A

Ralph A Pascualy, MD

  • Sleep Medicine
Accepting New Patients
550 17th Ave.
James Tower, Level A20
Seattle, WA 98122

General Information

My commitment to my patients is to practice responsible, effective and compassionate sleep medicine that promotes health and wellness. As a physician, my role is to inform, educate and assist patients to achieve an optimal level of care for them to feel well-rested and improve their quality of life. I collaborate with other health-care professionals to promote healthy sleep for patients.
  • Sleep Medicine
Education Background
Medical School: The School of Medicine at Stony Brook University Medical Center
Residency: University of Washington
Fellowship: Stanford University Sleep Lab
  • English
Personal Interests
Photography, Boating and Kids


Clinical Experience

  • Sleep Medicine
Services Provided
Clinical Interests
  • bedwetting
  • bruxism
  • cataplexy
  • circadian rhythm disorder
  • confusional arousals
  • daytime sleepiness
  • home sleep study
  • movement disorders
  • narcolepsy
  • nightmares
  • obesity hypoventilation syndrome
  • periodic limb movement disorder
  • polysomnography
  • restless legs syndrome
  • sleep abnormalities
  • sleep apnea
  • sleep disorders
  • sleep paralysis
  • sleep phase disorder
  • sleep related hallucinations
  • sleep talking
  • sleep-related eating disorder
  • snoring
  • somnambulism
550 17th Ave.
James Tower, Level A20
Seattle, WA 98122