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Elizabeth Anne Miller, MD

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General Information

I understand the confusion, fear and frustration that often accompany a urological condition or disease. That is why I believe it is essential that each person receive my full attention as well as my clinical expertise. I care about each person as an individual, as well as the uniqueness of their condition and treatment options.
  • Urology
Education Background
Medical School: Washington University School of Medicine, 1994
Residency: University of Washington
Fellowship: Duke University Medical Center, Female Urology and Reconstructive Surgery
  • English
Professional Associations
American Urological Association, Society of Women in Urology, American Urogynecology Society
Personal Interests
Spending time with my three children, husband and dog



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Clinical Experience

  • Urology
Washington Urogynecology & Urology
1135 NE 116th Ave.
Suite 620
Bellevue, 98004
Washington Urology Associates
Swedish Issaquah
751 NE Blakely Drive, Suite 4020
Issaquah, 98029