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  • Thoracic surgery
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General Information

Dr. Louie’s practice involves all aspects of general thoracic surgery including the lung, esophagus, stomach and mediastinum. He has particular interests in minimally invasive surgery that involves the use of laparoscopy, robotics and endoscopy for both cancer and non-cancerous diseases. He believes that care is about helping patients and their families understand their illness and guiding them in selecting treatment that is appropriate and individualized for the patient at his or her stage of life.
  • Thoracic surgery
Education Background
Medical School: University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine
Residency: University of Alberta - General Surgery
Fellowship: Thoracic Surgery - McMaster University, Esophageal and Gastric Surgery - University of Southern California
Fellowship: University of Southern California, Esophageal and Gastric Surgery
  • English
Personal Interests
When not caring for patients, Dr. Louie enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He also enjoys cooking, travelling, and playing and coaching ice hockey.



Early Experiences with Robotic Lung Resection Result in Similar Operative Outcomes and Morbidity When Compared to Matched VATS Cases 

     Louie BE, Farivar AS, Aye RW, Vallières E.


      "Early experience with robotic resection resulted in similar outcomes compared with mature
       VATS cases. A potential benefit of robotics may relate to postoperative pain reduction and earlier
       return to usual activities..."

       Annals of Thoracic Surgery. 93(5):1598-605, 2012

Repair of Symptomatic Giant Paraesophageal Hernias in Elderly (> 70 yrs) Patients Results in Improved Quality of Life

          Louie BE, Blitz M, Orlina J, Farivar AS, Ralph AW.

         "Symptomatic giant PEH in this elderly population can be repaired with symptomatic
          improvement, minimal morbidity and mortality in both the elective and urgent setting. The
          decision to operate should be made by a physician experienced in managing this complex
          patient population."

          Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery. Volume 15(3): 389-96, 2011

Comparison of Open and Minimally Invasive Thymectomies at a Single Institution

         Youssef S, Louie BE, Blitz M, Farivar AS, Aye RW, Vallières E.

         "Minimally invasive thymectomy can be performed with similar morbidity and efficacy as
          transsternal thymectomy. Patients require fewer narcotics and can be discharged earlier."

         The American Journal of Surgery. 199(5):589-593, 2010


Safety and Utility of Mediastinoscopy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in a Complex Mediastinum

          Louie BE, Kapur S, Farivar AS, Youssef S, Gorden J, Aye RW, Vallières E

          " Mediastinoscopy in the complex mediastinum can be 
           performed with acceptable morbidity" 

           View presentation

           Southern Thoracic Surgical Association. Orlando, Florida
           November 5, 2010




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Esophageal cancer: a growing problem linked to GERD

April 13, 2016

April is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month, a good time to shed some light on this uncommon but growing cancer.

A New Approach in the Treatment of Achalasia

March 13, 2015
One of the most rewarding aspects of surgery is that there is constant innovation to improve the operations we do to help patients. Last July, we introduced a new innovative procedure at Swedish called Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy or POEM.

The POEM procedure is used primarily to treat patients with achalasia. Achalasia is a disorder of the esophagus where the nerve fibers deteriorate leaving the esophagus without its propulsive power and the sphincter at the end of the esophagus that prevents reflux to remain closed.

Per oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) for achalasia

August 25, 2014

P.O.E.M. has come to Seattle at Swedish Medical Center. No, not the kind that rhymes but one that is elegant in its own way. Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy or POEM is relatively new procedure used in the treatment of achalasia, which is a disorder of the esophagus due to degeneration of the nerve network within the walls of the esophagus. The diseases leaves patients with little propulsive power to push food toward and into the stomach as well as causing the “valve” at the top of the stomach to remain closed. This makes it difficult for patients to eat or drink. Patients may need to drink a lot of fluid to get food to pass into the stomach whereas others may feel pain or discomfort after eating and still others may have undigested food come up many hours after eating or when lying down.

Research on LINX recently published

July 02, 2014

The Swedish Thoracic Surgery team recently had results from a study published in Annals of Thoracic Surgery, "Short-Term Outcomes Using Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation Versus Nissen Fundoplication for Medically Resistant Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease", in which a retrospective case-control study was performed of consecutive patients undergoing either procedure who had chronic gastrointestinal esophageal disease (GERD) and a hiatal hernia of less than 3 cm. Based on the study, the LINX device appears to restore the sphincter barrier function and preserve normal physiology which enables belching and vomiting.

Updates on LINX - GERD reflux management system

January 27, 2014

Since my initial LINX blog post 20 months ago, we have been engaged in a dialogue with patients from around the world who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.  Despite my initial trepidation to “blogging”, this has been a rewarding experience to hear about patient’s problems, their concerns about the current treatments (PPI’s and Nissen fundoplication) and simply interacting with them.  I thank the patients who have taken time to share their thoughts on the blog.


When our social media manager asked me to provide an update on LINX, I realized that I have been simply responding to patient’s questions and I haven’t posted any of my thoughts or updates on what is happening with the LINX device.

There are some exc...

Dysphagia - what it is, what can be done, and why you should speak with your provider if you have trouble swallowing

December 12, 2012

Dysphagia. This is the technical medical term for difficulty swallowing which is a common complaint. Most people have experienced this sensation in their lives. It can occur when you’re eating something doughy like a bagel or French bread and then take few extra bites before swallowing. If you immediately swallow several times in a row you may get the sensation that the food is slowly passing toward your stomach. Your mouth may salivate; you might get a pressure sensation behind your breastbone; you might experience some pain, burning or discomfort. And, then you will feel instant relief the second the food you swallowed passes from the esophagus into the stomach. This is dysphagia.

For most people, this experience occurs very occasionally and usually when we are trying to eat too much, too quickly.

However, for some patients this symptom may occur more frequently such as daily and sometimes as often as every bite of food. It may also occur with solid food alone or with both sol...

Upcoming GERD talk at Swedish Issaquah on 9/26

September 21, 2012

LINX has arrived at Swedish! After several months of preparation, we will be implanting the first 3 LINX devices on September 21, 2012. For our 3 adventurous patients, we are excited to see them have their GERD controlled with the LINX and also hope that it meets their expectations.

To learn more about this procedure and others options for managing GERD, you may wish to come and hear my partners Dr. Ralph Aye and Dr. Alex Farivar talk at Swedish Issaquah on September 26th, 2012. For more information and to register for the 9/26 GERD class, click here.

Update on 9/23: I am happy to report that our patients who have received the LINX device are all doing well.

A new treatment for GERD: The LINX - Reflux Management System

May 02, 2012

Acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion are all forms of gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. This common problem afflicts over 20 million people in the United States on a daily basis. As a surgeon who treats patients with some of the most severe symptoms of GERD, I was recently struck by the fact that very little has changed in the treatment of the debilitating problem over the last several decades.

Medications have always been the primary treatment for patients with GERD. TUMS, Rolaids, alka seltzer are easy over the counter remedies that could provide instant but only short-term relief. More potent medications called H2 receptor antagonists (commonly known as Zantac, Pepcid AC) brought about longer lasting relief. These medications were great but many patients experienced a relapse of symptoms.

The newest medications for GERD...

Using robotic technology to improve outcomes in myasthenia gravis and thymoma

December 28, 2011

New technologies have the potential to improve patient outcomes but need to be carefully studied so that patients will maximally benefit.  Robotic thymectomy for myasthenia gravis and thymomas was introduced at Swedish in May of 2009 after careful evaluation of our outcomes with traditional sternotomy and VATS thymectomy.

One of the more challenging aspects of being a surgeon is to understand how new technologies can benefit your patients and how those technologies might become part of your practice. If you’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy, read Time magazine or the Wall Street Journal or surfed the web recently, you’ll be aware of the da Vinci surgical robot. The robot has allowed many different surgical specialties to operate in confined areas of the body with tiny instruments placed through equally small incisions thereby avoiding a larger incision. In thoracic surgery, one of the confined spaces is an area in front of the heart where a gland called the thymus reside...

Movember at Swedish Thoracic Surgery

November 04, 2011

November is associated with two significant cancer awareness efforts that have meaning to all of the staff at Swedish Thoracic Surgery.

First, and most important to us, November is Lung Cancer Awareness month.  Each year for the last 6 years we have suported this important cancer with an event for the public.  Lung cancer is the most common cancer and remains the deadliest of all cancers.  Yet, is is always shrouded in secrecy because of its association with smoking.  But, many of the patients quit smoking some time ago or were never smokers and must still face this deadly disease.

This year, a public event - Shine a Light on Lung Cancer -  will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2001 at 5:30 pm at Gilda's Club on 1400 Broadway.  Anyone who has been touched by lung cancer is encouraged to attend.

Second, November is also becoming known as Movember.  This movement has been to support men's cancer initiatives and prostate cancer with the...

GERD and Esophageal Cancer

April 25, 2011

April is esophageal cancer awareness month and I was stimulated by two patients I saw recently to highlight the association of esophageal cancer with chronic GERD (heartburn, acid reflux) and the over the counter treatments people take for GERD.

Why am I writing about this? To highlight three common issues I hear everyday:

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Dr. Louie provided me with clear explanations of my test results and what follow-ups he was planned.

Dr. Brian Louie has been outstanding since I was recommended to him for care. He is just the best in the Northwest!!

Dr. Brian Louie and staff are outstanding! Dr. Louie is caring, efficient a brilliant surgeon. My husband has been cancer free fro 7 years because of Dr. Louie. We think that world of him in every way. A blessing to have been referred to him.

All good!!

The only thing I would have preferred was actually a more technical explanation of my surgical procedure and the process of healing and recovery, but I understand most patients would probably not prefer that. My questions were still answered. Thank you.

Dr Louie is the best. He is smart and very talented

Excellent provider

He drew me a picture for me.

Dr Louie takes the time to give cogent explanations about [...]. I was worried a little about some issues I was having and he explained what his plans were for monitoring.

I am somewhat confused about how my care is going to proceed during surgery, but hopefully this will be elaborated upon before that date.

Superb bedside manner.

I trust in Dr. Louie's surgical expertise. I am am confused as to what to expect regarding the scheduling of a surgery date and selection and coordination of services with other surgeons who may be involved. Communication in this regard seems slow, but as I said, I do not know what to expect.

again he gets 5 stars ,10/10.

Scheduling and wait time are not very good.

Dr. Louie describes medical issues very well. He is the best thoracic surgeon ever. I would refer everyone to see him. I am so lucky to have him and Swedish is so lucky to have him as part their staff. He is wonderful!!!!!.

I trust this man -

Excellent experience -
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