Kathryn Samaniego
Kathryn Samaniego, Au.D.

Kathryn Samaniego, Au.D.

Kathryn Samaniego, Au.D.
Clinical Interests / Special Procedures Performed

Hearing Loss , Vestibular Assessment

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  • Accepting New Patients: Yes
  • Accepting Medicare: Unknown
  • Accepting Medicaid/DSHS: Unknown
Insurance Accepted:

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Philosophy of Care

I believe that compassionate listening is the key to developing the best plan of care for each and every patient. Because everyone approaches things differently and has unique issues, taking the time to understand their needs and concerns will allow me to offer the best hearing and balance solutions.

Personal Interests

I like to cook for and spend time with my family and friends. Travel is a close second.

Medical School

University of Florida at Gainsville, Doctor of Audiology; University of Texas at Austin, Master of Arts in Audiology

Board Certifications

State of Washington Audiology License, State of Texas Audiology License, Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC-A)

Health Consequences Associated With Untreated Hearing Loss

As research continues in the area of untreated hearing loss more and more findings show that it is not worth it to wait to do something about hearing deficits.  Current research is showing correlations between untreated hearing loss and dementia, depression, heart disease, and diabetes, as well as increased mortality.

A study published in the Archives of Neurology on February 14, 2011 found that hearing loss was associated with dementia (all causes).  They noted that the greater the hearing loss the more at risk a person was for dementia.  Additionally, they noted that for individuals in their study over the age of sixty, more than one-third of the subjects with risk of dementia had associated hearing loss.  One reason that may support these findings would be the exhausting of cognitive reserves; in other words more brain power goes into straining to listen for comprehension of speech than other cognitive processes, like working memory.

Another study ...

What to do for a sudden change in your hearing

Sudden hearing loss is a condition that warrants you seeking medical management immediately.  If you notice a drastic change in your hearing, don’t assume its wax or fluid in your ear. It could be wax or fluid but it also may be a sudden hearing loss; either way you will likely benefit from medical treatment.

Sudden changes in hearing can happen overnight or over a few days and can be accompanied by loud ringing in the ear (tinnitus), dizziness/vertigo and/or fullness or pressure in the same ear.  They typically will occur in one ear and in very rare cases will occur on both sides.

The National Institute of Deafness and Communication Disorders (NIDCD) reports the incidence of sudden sensorineural hearing loss at approximately 4,000 new cases a year.  Sensorineural is a term used to denote hearing loss that occurs at the cochlea, the organ for hearing.

There are many causes of sudden hearing loss but it is  ...
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