Biography & Education

To provide the best care for patients with brain and spinal cord tumors.
Position Summary Director, Neurology and Associate Chief Medical Director, SNI
Additional Information

Curriculum Vitae

John William Henson IV, MD, MBA, FAAN, FANA
Vice President of Medical Affairs
Swedish Medical Center, Cherry Hill campus
Swedish Medical Center

Administrative Address -  Swedish Medical Center, Cherry Hill
500 17th Avenue, Professional Building, Suite 402
Seattle, WA 98122
Telephone: 206-320-2057
Fax: 206-320-3153
Clinical Address - Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment
550 17th Avenue, Suite 540
Seattle, WA 98122
Telephone: 206-320-2300

Place and Date of Birth  Chattanooga, Tennessee
January 3, 1958


1980  BA   Southern Adventist University, Collegedale, TN

1984  MD    Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, CA

2013  MBA  University of Washington Foster School of Business

Postdoctoral Training

1984-85 Intern    
Internal Medicine   Loma Linda University Medical Center

1985-88 Resident   
Neurology    Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1987-88 Chief Resident 
Neurology    Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1988-91 Fellow   
Neuro-oncology  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 

1990-91 Clinical Scholars 
Neuro-oncology  Biomedical Research Training Program
Fellow Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center/NCI

1990  Summer Student Neurobiology  
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Program in  Neurobiology

1999  Student  
Managing Technical Sloan School of Management 
Professionals and  Executive Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1999  Student  
IT for the non-IT Executive
Sloan School of Management Executive
Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2000  Student  
Enhancing Executive Influence 
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

2000  Student   Leadership Development for Physicians in Academic Health Centers
Harvard School of Public Health
Harvard University

2001  Student  Primer: Philanthropy 
New England Association for Healthcare Philanthropy

2001-03 Fellow  Diagnostic  Neuroradiology 
Massachusetts General Hospital, Division of Neuroradiology

2008  Fellow  Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum

2011  Student   News Entrepreneur Bootcamp   
Knight Digital Media Center, Annenberg School for Communication
USC Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
University of Southern Californina  

2013  Observer         Eric Lewis, CEO
Olympic Medical Center, Port Angeles, WA

Licensure and Certification (Active)

1989  Certification in Neurology
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

2008  Washington State Medical License

2011  Certification in Neuro-oncology\
United Council on Neurological Subspecialties

Academic Appointments

1991-93 Instructor in Neurology    
Harvard Medical School

1994-99 Assistant Professor of Neurology  
Harvard Medical School

1999-2008 Associate Professor of Neurology 
Harvard Medical School

2010-present  Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology  
University of Washington School of Medicine

Hospital or Affiliated Institution Appointments

1991-93 Assistant in Neurology     Massachusetts General Hospital
1994-99 Assistant Neurologist      Massachusetts General Hospital
1999-03 Associate Neurologist      Massachusetts General Hospital

1998-01 Executive Director              Brain Tumor Center  Massachusetts General Hospital

2003-08 Associate Neurologist (Radiologist)  Massachusetts General Hospital

2003-08 Staff Neuroradiologist      Massachusetts General Hospital

2003-08 Neuroradiology Reviewer     Partners Tumor Imaging Metrics Core

2003-08 Director    Stephen E. and Catherine Pappas Brain Tumor Imaging Research Program

2003-08 Medical Advisor   Stephen E. and Catherine Pappas Neuro-oncology Nurse Practitioner Research Program

2005-08 Research Associate, Brain Imaging Center, McLean Hospital

2008-present   Member         Swedish Neuroscience Institute

2008-13 Director, Neurology Division, Swedish Neuroscience Institute      

2009-present   Member  Swedish Cancer Institute

2009-present  Neuroradiologist  Swedish Medical Center

2011-13 Associate Chief Medical Director   Swedish Neuroscience Institute

2011-present  Board of Directors, Swedish Neuroscience Institute Physicians Medical Group

2013  Chairman, Board of Directors, Swedish Neuroscience Institute Physicians Medical Group

2013-present  Vice President of Medical Affairs  Swedish Medical Center, Cherry Hill

Major Committee Assignments

1996-98 Subcommittee on Human Research   (Institutional Review Board)  Massachusetts General Hospital
1999  Residency Selection Committee   Partner's Neurology Program  MGH/Brigham and Women's

2000-01 Cancer Center Executive Committee  MGH Cancer Center

2000-01 Clinical Performance Management  Neurology Team Co-Leader    MGH Neurology Service
2001 Cancer Center Space Planning   Steering Committee  MGH Cancer Center
2001-03 Managed Care and Contracting Committee    Massachusetts General Physician’s Organization

2009-present  SNI Research Steering Committee  Swedish Neuroscience Institute

2009-present  Swedish Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee  Swedish Medical Center
2010-present  Chairman, Data Safety Monitoring Board, “A Phase II study of the combination of high-dose methotrexate    and intrathecal liposomal cytarabine in patients with parenchymal and leptomeningeal metastases from breast cancer.”
University of Washington Medical Center/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

2010-present  SCI Research Steering Committee  Swedish Cancer Institute

2011-present  Cancer Committee      Swedish Cancer Institute

2012-present  Chair  NeuroNEXT Industry Outreach Committee  NINDS/NeuroNEXT

2012  Chair          Economic Disruption in Healthcare   Foster-Premera Symposium

Professional Societies

American Academy of Neurology

1986-present  Member   American Academy of Neurology

1998-present  Fellow   American Academy of Neurology
1998-present   Member     Section on Neuro-oncology

1998-2006   Executive Committee    Section on Neuro-oncology

1998-01 Scientific Topic Chair      Section on Neuro-oncology

2000-05 Preuss Award Subcommittee    American Academy of Neurology

2002-04   Chair    Section on Neuro-oncology

2002-present   Science Committee   American Academy of Neurology

2005-06  Director    Enhanced Vertical Integration
               Section on Neuro-oncology

2005-08 Director    Neurological Complications of Systemic Cancer, Educational Course, Annual Meeting

2005  Plenary Address   Contemporary Clinical Issues and Case Studies Plenary Session  2005 Annual Meeting

2006-present   Member  UCNS Neuro-Oncology Board Examination Committee

2007-09   Science Editor

2007-09   Chair    Futurist Work Group Science Committee

2007-09   Member    Boxing Task Force Science Committee

2008-09  Member    Public Relations Committee

2008  Fellow   Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum

2008-present   Participant      Neurology on the Hill

2008-present   Member    Brain PAC

American College of Healthcare Executives

2011-present   Member        

American Neurological Association

2007-present   Active Member

2008    Member    Abstract Review Committee

2013  Fellow

American Society of Clinical Oncology

2006-present  Member

2006  Invited Speaker   “Advanced Neuroimaging for Brain Tumors”   Meet the Professor Education Session

European Association for Neuro-oncology

1998-present  Member

Northwest Science Writers Association

2009-present  Member

2010-11  At-Large Member    Board of Trustees

2010-11  Founding Editor    NSWA ScienceWire

2011   Founder    NSWA Career Development Awards

2011  Chair    Awards Subcommittee

Society for Neuro-oncology

1998-present   Member

2012-present    Editorial Board   Neuro-Oncology

Washington State Medical Association

2009-present  Member

Washington State Neurological Society

2008-present  Member      
2009-10  Vice President/President Elect   

2010-11 President

2011-13  Immediate Past President

World Congress of Neurology

2005  Invited Speaker    Plenary Session on Neuro-oncology, Sydney, Australia

Editorial Activities

1993-present  Ad hoc reviewer       Cancer

1994-presnt  Ad hoc reviewer    Journal of Neurology and Experimental Neuropathology

1996-present  Ad hoc reviewer     Journal of Neuro-Oncology

1997-presnt  Ad hoc reviewer      New England Journal of Medicine

1998-present  Ad hoc reviewer     Journal of NeuroVirology

1999-present  Ad hoc reviewer    Journal of Clinical Oncology

2000-01 Topic editor   Current Opinion in Neurology

2003-present  Ad hoc reviewer    Journal of Neuroimaging

2005-present  Ad hoc reviewer   Journal of Clinical Microbiology

2006    Reviewer Clinical Research Infrastructure Initiative Medical Research Council, The Wellcome Trust, London, UK

2006-present  Ad hoc reviewer    Neuro-oncology

2006-present   Ad hoc reviewer    Neurology

2006-present   Ad hoc reviewer     European Journal of Neurology

2007-09  Associate Editor for Science

2007   Advisory Board Member   Adams and Victor’s Principles of Neurology

2008-present    Editor    BrainWaves, newsletter of the Swedish Neuroscience Institute

2009-11 Editor      Website    Washington State Neurological Society

2010-presnt    Founding editor

2010-11  Member    Board of Directors     Northwest Science Writers Association

2010-11  Founding editor    NSWA ScienceWire

2011-present  Ad hoc reviewer    Neurohospitalist

2012-3   Editorial Board    Neuro-Oncology

Industry Activities

2005-present    Central Neuroradiology Review   Perceptive Informatics, Inc. and GlaxoSmithKline, PLC

2008-present  Scientific Advisor    Perceptive Informatics, Inc.

2010-present   Clinical Advisor    Neuroscience Centers of Excellence Survey    NeuStrategy, Inc.

2012-presnt    Chair     NeuroNEXT Industry Outreach Committee     NINDS/NeuroNEXT

2012-present    Founding Member, Webmaster   NeuroNeighborhood     Seattle Neurotech Cluster

Fundraising Activities

1993-2008 Director         Brain Tumor Research Fund

1999  Invited speaker       MGH Visiting Committee Lecture

1999-2008 Medical Director    Strides of Survival   Annual walk for MGH Brain Tumor Research Fund

1999-2008 Medical Co-Director    Brian D. Silber Memorial Golf Tournament
               Annual golf tournament for  MGH Spine Tumor Center
2001-06 Medical Director    Santa Lucia Annual Dinner for the MGH Brain Tumor Research Fund

2003   Lead solicitor      $5.7 million gift to MGH Brain Tumor Center, establishing the Stephen E.
               Pappas Center for Neuro-oncology and Stephen E. Pappas Neuroimaging Research Program,
               as well as a nursing research program and grants program

2004-06 Medical Director   DiPlacido Annual Dinner for the MGH Brain Tumor Research Fund

Awards and Honors

1985  Outstanding First Year Resident   Department of Internal Medicine   Loma Linda University Medical Center

1986 Alpha Omega Alpha    Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Housestaff Member
1988  Sandoz Award, Neurology Department Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1999  Partners in Excellence Award    MGH/Partners HealthCare System

2007  Alumnus of the Year     Southern Adventist University    Collegedale, TN

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American Academy of Neurology, American Neurological Association, Society for Neuro-Oncology, Washington State Neurological Society, American College of Healthcare Executives
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Detection of Cerebral Microemboli by Transcranial Doppler

January 02, 2011

FROM BRAINWAVES: Since its introduction in 1982, transcranial doppler ultrasound (TCD) has evolved into a portable, multimodality, noninvasive method for real-time imaging of intracranial vasculature. The detection of cerebral microemboli is among the more remarkable capabilities of TCD. Emboli create countable signals in the ultrasound display due to the higher reflection of sound waves compared to the blood cells. Experimental models have shown a high sensitivity and specificity for detection of a variety of substrates, including thrombotic, plat...

Brain Tumor Board Launches WebEx� Remote Conferencing

December 05, 2010

The brain tumor board at Swedish/Cherry Hill successfully launched its first WebEx® conference on Monday, November 29 from a Seattle Science Foundation conference room. Dr. Namou Kim presented a case remotely from his office at First Hill, and an Ivy Center staff member attended the conference from the East Coast. The software allows providers to attend the conference remotely via desktop computer and telephone when a patient they refer is being discussed, or they can present films and pathology to the subspecialists present onsite at the conference. The program will now be rolled out to physicians throughout the Pacific Northwest. For more information or to present a case, contact John...

Swedish Smyelin Babes Kick Into High Gear

August 29, 2010
The Bike MS Ride in Mount Vernon is almost here (September 11-12) and the Swedish Smyelin Babes bike team is 98 members strong and still growing! The team started out with 4 riders in 2006, and since then has grown to be the largest bike team, beating out even corporate groups like Team BP, Microsoft, Columbia Athletic Club and Point B. We are also the only bike team representing any of the 0 comment(s)|Read More

Neuromodulation Symposium

August 26, 2010

The symposium "Advances in Neuromodulative Therapies: 2010 and Beyond" will be held August 27, 2010 starting at 7:15 am in the Swedish Education and Conference Center at the Cherry Hill campus.

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A broad array of local and national experts will speak on current and future applications of neuromodulation in the treatment of neurological disorders.

FDA MedWatch - Lamictal (lamotrigine): Risk of Aseptic Meningitis

August 22, 2010

FDA notified healthcare professionals and patients that Lamictal (lamotrigine), a medication commonly used for seizures in children two years and older, and bipolar disorder in adults, can cause aseptic meningitis. Read more

Defining Tertiary Care for Neurological Diseases

August 20, 2010

Health care for patients with neurological diseases in the United States occurs across mul­tiple levels, ranging from primary to tertiary care and, less common­ly, quaternary care.

The World Health Organization has defined primary care as the point where first medical contact occurs, and where coordination and continu­ity of medical services is managed. Primary care focuses on a broad range of ser­vices, rather than the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of a specific organ system, and thus primary-care providers (PCPs) have varying levels of comfort in the treatment of neurologi­cal disorders.

Secondary care is provided by specialists, such as general neurologists, who focus on dis­eases affecting a specific organ system, usually upon referral by a PCP. Both primary care and secondary care are pro...

Unfundable: Clinical trials for rare diseases and orphan drugs

August 11, 2010

The study of acetazolamide for idiopathic intracranial hypertension described on page 9 of the Spring issue of BrainWaves raises an important question about a neglected aspect of clinical trials: How do investigators obtain funding to study the efficacy of a drug that has no commercial potential?

Only 300 of the approximately 7,000 known human diseases are of interest to the biopharmaceutical industry from the standpoint of prevalence or commercial potential, according to the Office of Rare Diseases Research (ORDR) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The Orphan Drug Act of 1983 sought to use patent protection and tax incentives to promote development of drugs for diseases with a small market. In this context, the word “orphan” refers to a condition or drug that has not been “adopted” by the pharmaceutical...

3rd Annual Brain Cancer Walk Raises Over $426,000

August 05, 2010

Over 2,000 people arrived at the Seattle Center’s Mural Amphitheatre on Saturday, June 26th to show their support in raising awareness and finding a cure for brain cancer. There has been over $426,000 raised and the numbers continue to climb.

The walk was hosted by Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and proceeds from the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk will benefit organizations focusing on brain cancer research and patient care in the Pacific Northwest, including the 0 comment(s)|Read More


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