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Good healthcare is dependent on a trusting relationship between a patient and physician. My goal is to build a relationship with my patients to promote wellness and well-being in the hope of preventing illness and disease. However, trust is conditional and requires time and effort from all parties involved to develop.
Education Background
Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University
Residency: Swedish Family Medicine - Cherry Hill, Seattle, WA
  • English
Professional Associations
Academy of Family Physicians, Washington Academy of Family Physicians
Personal Interests
Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Etzkorn returned for his residency at Swedish after attending medical school in New York. He resides in Seattle with his wife and son. He enjoys playing tennis, backcountry skiing, art, design and architecture.

Care Locations

1001 Fourth Ave. Plaza
Suite 420
Seattle, WA 98154
Fax 206-554-7787
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Board Certifications
  • Family medicine
Clinical Interests
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Primary Care
  • Procedural Medicine
  • Sports Injuries


Patient Ratings and Comments
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4 out of 5 (124 Ratings, 34 Comments)


I wasn't sure I would like anyone as much as Dr. [...], but I really like Dr. Etzkorn a lot & will stay with him.

This was a follow-up visit after a visit to the ER (on a holiday when it was only option) for a serious illness. This provider showed a strong lack of compassion for my concerns. I do/did not question his medical capabilities, however.

I felt when I told the doctor that I was looking for a female doctor as my permanent physician, he turned a bit colder to me. Otherwise, he talked to me about my health concerns and that went fine. I was confused at the end if I was done or not when he left.

This provider was rude and dismissive.

[…] When I called for an appointment, I learned that my normal doctor had left Swedish and that I could see this doctor who was taking on her patients. When I met with him, he was not very friendly or personable. […] I felt like I was wasting his time. I was being seen for a sore throat, which had been bothering me for several days but he made me feel like it wasn't severe enough for me to come in. He asked me if I had any other health concerns to share and I did bring up several that I had been waiting to see my GP about. This must have been the wrong thing to do because he told me that I should only be seen for the ailments that I schedule appointments for, which further confused me because he had just asked me if I had anything else to discuss. […] I couldn't help but feel like I had offended him or inconvenienced him. […] My former GP was much more friendly and warm, so this experience was really strange to me and not a positive one.

The only thing I didn't like was I felt the doctor was in a rush to get me in and out of there. Other than that, everything was great.

Dr. Etzkorn was very thorough and very helpful.

Was a good, quick visit. Provider was well informed.

I am going to try to get him as my regular doctor.

This physician definitely did not do what he said he was going to do [...]

I had a very bad cold, was sick for almost a week. [...] I called the office and asked if I could see anyone, knowing my regular DR was booked. They booked me to see Dr. ETZKORN. The only good thing about my visit was, he was very prompt. I did not have to wait to see him. Other than that, I felt as if he did not care about my well being. He did not do a thorough exam, he did not feel my throat, to see if anything was swollen. He looked in my ears and throat, determined there was there was fluid in my ear. He asked if I was taking something for my bad cough, I told him I was taking cough medicine. [...] He spent 10 mins with me. The next day, I had a follow up with my primary, Dr. [...]. She found there was a minor infection in my right ear, she prescribed me antibiotics [...] What I received from Dr. ETZKORN [...] was the worst service I have ever gotten from a provider.

I prefer a provider with a sense of humor.

Dr. Etzkorn had the worst bedside manner of any medical person I've ever met. Extraordinary.

lacks personal skills

I didn't feel my problem was sufficiently addressed, and was dismissed. The doctor seemed to be in a bit of a hurry.

An excellent care provider! Though I had requested a female provider for certain exams, he was completely understanding and helpful, listened without rushing me (which is very important to me), and thorough in his explanations. Fantastic.

I did not feel he was friendly or cared about me at a personal level. It was the first time I met with him and I just didn't feel welcome. I am looking for another primary health care doctor where I feel more accepted. I feel like I was judged for the mental illness that I have and the medications that I take. I felt very uncomfortable and defensive. You shouldn't have to feel like that with a doctor. I am new to town and someone referred me to the clinic because she saw another doctor there. I couldn't get in with that provider so this one was offered as an alternative. I left the appointment feeling worse about my condition.

I'm very happy with the service offered.

I like the fact that Dr Eztkorn really cares about my health and situations. He also invites me to text him anytime I have a problem.

The actual care provided during the visit was fine, where I had issues was with the referral. The physician explained to me that he would like to see me again after four weeks of physical therapy to assess whether or not a surgical correction may be required. I was referred to a physical therapist with Swedish; but when I called the clinic that I was referred to, they weren't available for an appointment for 4 weeks. After this news I sent Dr. Etzkorn a message through the MyChart service asking if there was another physical therapist that he would suggest. His response explained that I should just make an appointment with the Swedish physical therapist. [...] Had I listened to the advice of my doctor, I could have delayed my treatment by 4 weeks.

My experience with my provider was a very poor one. No doubt he know what he is talking about, but he completely lacks empathy and ability to talk to someone with any emotion. I had concerns that were talked down to and by the end of my visit, I felt like all he saw was a fat girl with swollen feet. I know I am over weight, he was not the first doctor to tell me that, and I don't mind discussing weight in a doctors office, but he made me feel like I was nothing but a number on a scale and failed to look past my weight when talking with me. He did not listen, try to get to know me, or seem remotely interested in my care or me as a person. Because of this interaction, I did not trust his diagnosis or advice. I went to another doctor that day, got a similar diagnosis, but this doctor explained things to me in a friendly way that didn't shame me. He explained things fully and took time to answer my questions and give a thorough exam. [...]

i felt very comfortable talking to the doctor, explaining my ailment and understanding what he had to say.

awesome job!

I was told I was doctor hopping and that this was not ok because I hadn't seen my primary care physician for a long time, been having to go to whoever I could get in with. I understand this and it made sense, however the manner in which I was told was more of an admonishment and I felt disrespected. He was very cold. [...] Unless I have an emergent need that can't wait for anyone else to free up, I will not see this provider again. I can say one positive thing about him, which is he was very good at getting my samples without hurting me. I do appreciate his skills, just not his bedside manner.

Medication prescribed turned out to be over the counter. Diagnosis turned out to be incorrect. [...]

I was very pleasantly surprised with the level of service by Dr. Etzkorn and the staff during my visit! I felt he in particular gave me very detailed and thorough explanations to my health concerns and let me decide on particular courses of action. The assistant gave me a great breakdown of costs for any potential followup tests/injections. Before my visit I was in the process of looking for a new doctor since my new job and residence are in an adjacent city. I've decided to stay with Dr. Etzkorn and Swedish team due to the exceptional service during my visit. I've been going to Swedish Physicians about 25 years, and Dr. Etzkorn is relatively new to the office, but the whole staff kicked it up a notch since my last recollection and history with the clinic.

From the moment he sat done it was why didn't you tell them you needed a 30 minute appt. we don't have time to discuss all your questions, I would have to make another appt. to do that. He upset me so much when I tried to explain all medical issues I have been thru lately I started to cry, then he said I should see someone for my depression ( in my opinion the word should be overwhelmed not depressed) He did not apologize for upsetting me just handed me a tissue. [...] I have seen him 3 times, each time the experience got worse. I will be going back for a blood test he requested but he will no long be my primary care provider

Dr Etzkorn seems knowledgeable and thorough, but his style lacks a bit of warmth. [...]

I've gone twice with relatively simple concerns and both times any attempt to talk about peripheral conditions was cut off. My meeting was very short, probably 5 minutes at most and yet I could not ask about my total health situation. I'm used to doctors that try to take in all your concerns and help you prioritize. I am looking for a different doctor. While I was there a nurse popped in and asked a question about another patient. The doctor's answer showed a complete lack of bedside manner and general concern for the patient.

It was a very brief interaction with the provider. I didn't feel like he was particularly concerned about the fact that the persistent cough I had was really bothering me.

I got all of 5 mins with the provider and it was made clear that my time was a nuisance. I expressed major concerns with my ears and the provider spent less than 1 second looking in them. I was then told that my issue was likely allergy related (I do not have allergies outside of penicillin) and was told to take Clariton. Not helpful and incredibly frustrating. It felt like a complete waste of my time and money.

This provide was arrogant, rude, made me feel bad for taking my child in for a fever and various symptoms. I do not think my insurance co. should pay for this visit. It was that bad.

[...] Felt like provider did not listen and instead assumed anyone with back pain just wanted pain meds. Was told to come back for xrays in a week with my primary care--she still was unavailable so I scheduled with him. Huge waste of two appointments. Now finally have an appointment to the spine clinic 3 weeks from now. My Physical Therapist was able to diagnosis my back issue almost immediately and recommended x-rays. [...] Will not return, plan to change my primary care provider as well.

Without a doubt, the worst concern I've ever had from a "physician" no concern whatsoever for my well-being, completely dismissive about my condition, and seemed irritated that he had to see me at all. My suggestion would be that he not be on the "on-call" list, as he is CLEARLY not into it [...]