Instructions for Patients

Instructions for Patients

A Patient's Guide: Preparing for Your Surgery (First Hill, Cherry Hill and Ballard)

Important instructions for surgical patients.


A Patient's Guide: Preparing for Your Surgery (Issaquah)

Important instructions for surgical patients at Swedish Issaquah.

What to Expect During Your Hospital Stay

Prepare for your hospital stay with this interactive tutorial.





Now available to patients at most Swedish clinics



Welcome to Swedish hospital guide

in seven languages.


Online Gift Shop

delivery to patients at First Hill campus. Shop now!

Order by phone, proceeds benefit patient care 

First Hill: 206-386-2747
Cherry Hill: 206-320-3278
Ballard: 206-781-6053
Edmonds: 425-640-4349






Personalized Patient websites 

Keep family and friends updated with a free, personalized Web site from Caring Bridge.