Joint Replacement Surgery

If you’re on the waiting list for hip or knee joint replacement surgery, you can start living a life without pain sooner than later by coming to Swedish – where we have created a streamlined surgery plan for our international patients. You can have your surgery as soon as a month from the time you call.

You’ll be well cared for by one of the 25 experienced joint replacement surgeons who are a part of the Swedish Orthopedic Institute, which includes the only dedicated orthopedic hospital in the Northwest U.S. – where more than 3,000 joint replacements are performed every year. And Swedish gives you access to the latest procedures, including MAKOplasty® robotic-assisted surgery for partial-knee replacements.

Services for our international patients include:
•    Hip replacement
•    Hip resurfacing
•    Total knee replacement
•    Partial knee replacement
•    MAKOplasty® robotic-assisted surgery

Qualifying for Surgery
What Does a Joint Replacement Cost?
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Qualifying for Surgery

If you’d like to consider joint replacement surgery, we’ll first make certain you’re a candidate.

If your diagnosis has already been confirmed and you have been determined a candidate, please call our joint replacement program coordinator at 1-866-960-5721 who will team you up with a surgeon. You’ll be asked to send your images, all relevant medical records and your completed Private Pay Financial Responsibility Form to Swedish’s International and Private Pay Patient Services group, who will then forward your information to your surgeon. The surgeon will study your records to confirm that you are a candidate and schedule your surgery.

If your diagnosis has not been confirmed by a surgeon, please call our joint replacement program coordinator at 1-866-960-5721 who will identify a surgeon to work with you to determine if you’re a candidate. We’ll then schedule an appointment for you to come to Swedish to have your diagnosis confirmed. Once confirmed, you will be scheduled for surgery.

Contact Us to Get Started

We are ready to help you however we can. We’ll begin by teaming you up with a surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for joint replacement surgery. If you are, we’ll then help schedule your surgery. We’ll also manage payment to all parties – with a single payment from you. Please note that once you become a patient, you should direct all medical questions to your surgeon or to his/her office.

To learn more or to find out if you're a candidate for joint replacement surgery at Swedish, call our joint replacement program coordinator at 1-866-960-5721. For financial questions, call International Patient Services at 1-866-585-3778 (toll free in US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands).

On the logistics side, we can offer help with what to bring, where to stay and how to get here. We look forward to welcoming you to Seattle. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your stay here is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Travel Details

As soon as your surgery is scheduled, we recommend booking your hotel as rooms fill up quickly. For information on preferred hotels and traveling to Seattle, view our Seattle Hotel and Transportation Guide. For travel inquiries, call 206-628-2562.