OB/Midwife Speed Dating

OB/Midwife Speed Dating


Register here to meet several OBs and Midwives in 1 hour Wednesday, Feb.25 at Swedish Issaquah.

If you're expecting or thinking about having a baby, finding the right provider is a pretty good place to start this incredible journey. At OB/MidWife Speed Dating, you get the chance to meet several providers in a fun, low-key environment.

After you've signed up, you and several other couples will come to Swedish Issaquah for an hour, where you'll have five-minute one-on-one interviews with several providers. The one-hour session gives you the chance to meet with three types of providers: OB/GYNs, Family Medicine with Obstetrics (these are Family Practice doctors who can deliver babies) and Midwives. You can ask them anything you want. If you hit it off with one, then you can make a follow-up appointment when you're ready to start your care. Providers you meet at Speed Dating deliver at the campus where the event is held. It's free, but space is limited.

Check Your Insurance

Many changes have taken place in health care because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We encourage you to review your health insurance to make sure you have the best possible insurance coverage during your pregnancy and birth. Swedish resources are here to answer questions. Call the Swedish Customer Service Line at 206-701-7771, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.