Women's Imaging Center / Ballard

Women's Imaging Center / Ballard

The Swedish Breast Centers make it convenient and comfortable for you to take care of all your breast-health needs. Through our network of screening and diagnostic sites and mobile-mammography units, you're assured of a comprehensive range of care designed to meet your unique needs.

Comprehensive services, complete care

No matter what kind of breast care you need, you'll find it through the Swedish Breast Centers network. We're equipped with the latest technologies and offer a wide range of state-of-the-art screening and diagnostic capabilities, including:

The benefit of experience

There's an art to reading the subtleties of mammograms and evaluating breast-tissue biopsies. Studies show that the more experience a breast center has in these areas, the better it is in making an early and accurate diagnosis. The Swedish Breast Centers network offers you unsurpassed experience, performing nearly 65,000 screening and diagnostic procedures every year. What's more, through our centers, test results are read and reviewed by some of the region's most experienced board-certified radiologists.

Treatment for benign breast conditions

Most women turn to the Swedish Breast Centers to rule out or confirm breast cancer. But the majority of breast-health complaints have nothing to do with cancer. That's why we provide care for the full spectrum of breast conditions, ranging from breast pain and breast infections to benign breast lumps (due to fibrocystic changes), cysts and fibroadenoma.

An environment of respect and sensitivity

At the Swedish Beast Centers, you'll be treated with the utmost courtesy, respect and professionalism. Each center is designed with your comfort in mind and your care will be handled by a team of highly trained professionals. After your mammogram, you won't have to wonder and worry about test results unnecessarily. A radiologist - a doctor trained in reading X-rays - will carefully review the images. Radiologists at Swedish also use computer-aided detection (CAD) technology, which increased the likelihood of detecting small or early stage cancers. If any test results raise concerns, you and your provider will be contacted immediately.

Convenient locations and mobile mammography

The Swedish Breast Centers network includes four conveniently located screening and diagnostic sites, a mobile mammography program and partnerships with primary- and specialty-care clinics throughout the Puget Sound region. The mobile mammography program, which includes the Swedish Breast Care Express, is dedicated to bringing high-quality mammography services to women in communities, organizations and businesses throughout Western Washington.

Contact Information

5300 Tallman Ave. NW
2nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98107
Phone: 206-781-6349
Weekend appointments available