Swedish Heart & Vascular - Minor & James

Whether you've been referred for diagnostic testing, cardiac treatment or disease management, your best interests are at the heart of every medical recommendation we make and every care option we offer.

Experienced Cardiac Care

At Minor & James/Cardiologists, you'll be treated by a team of health-care specialists who are experts in handling the unique needs of cardiac patients. From board-certified cardiologists to our nursing and support staff, each member of the team shares the same guiding principle - to work together to provide the best, most compassionate and professional care.

A Broad Range of Tests and Treatments

We offer a comprehensive range of advanced cardiac care, from consultation and diagnosis to treatment and disease management. Diagnostic capabilities include treadmill testing, Holter-event monitoring, echocardiography, nuclear-medicine studies and cardiac catheterization. Additionally, cardiologists perform a full range of advanced coronary procedures such as angioplasty, and stent and pacemaker implantations.

Convenient Billing and Insurance

We contract with many insurance plans and accepts Medicare payments. Your insurance company is billed directly. If your insurance company requires it, you may need to make a co-payment when you come to the clinic. Additionally, depending on your insurance plan, you may need a referral from your primary-care physician before your visit.