Medical Imaging Mammography - Redmond

Swedish offers mammography services at the Medical Imaging center at Redmond.

All breast imaging is provided by dedicated professional staff credentialed in breast imaging.

The center offers state-of-the-art screening capabilities, including:

Short-Length, Wide-Bore MRI

Crisp, clear images and patient comfort

Patients who have experienced a traditional MRI in the past know how constricting the experience can be. Often, larger and claustrophobic patients had significant difficulties in completing their scan.

With the new short-length, wide-bore MRI, patients experience faster, more comfortable MRI scans.Many patients have noted how similar the widebore experience is to CT scans, which even claustrophobic patients are easily able to complete. Patients can bring their own iPod, CD or even listen to internet radio!

Digital Screening Mammography

Our digital Mammography equipment produces extremely high resolution images, with up to 30 percent
less radiation than traditional Mammography scans.

Leading Edge Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create detailed images of the body, especially soft tissues. Our state-of-the-art equipment produces very clear 3D digital images. (No radiation is used with Ultrasound scans.

Digital X-Ray

Our modern digital X-ray equipment produces images instantly for fast physician review, but it also delivers substantially less radiation. As an added benefit, digital X-rays avoid the need to use toxic materials in developing printed film, which is a great benefit to the environment!

CT Scanning With ASiR Technology

The Highest Quality Images With Reduced Radiation

CT scans use X-ray technology to create detailed 3D images. These images are critical to diagnosing and treating a wide variety of medical conditions.

It’s critical, however, to obtain the highest quality images with the smallest radiation dose possible.

Our 64 slice CT scanner has ASiR technology installed that helps deliver up to 40 percent less radiation per dose than traditional CT scanners. We also use detailed protocols and other techniques, such as the pediatric “rainbow” weight-based system, to ensure your radiation dose is as small as possible.

And even though less radiation is delivered, the images produced are actually higher resolution than traditional CT scans. Be sure to ask one of our technologists for more information if you have any questions or concerns about the radiation used with CT scans.

Proactive Radiation Dose Management

While the benefits of the radiation used in medical imaging typically outweigh the risks, the amount of  radiation should always be minimized.

We use a variety of technology and techniques to ensure the smallest dose possible is used for each scan we perform.

Our CT scanner utilizes ASiR technology, which is a leading radiationmanagement software. In addition, we  use detailed protocols and other techniques to ensure your radiation dose is as small as possible. All our  technologists have been highly trained on radiation safety and are happy to answer any questions you may  have. To protect yourself from unnecessary radiation, please inform your technologist of any CT or PET  scans you have had recently.