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DocTalk Newsletter

This bi-monthly publication includes information about Swedish clinical services and programs that may benefit your patients. DocTalk is designed as a peer-to-peer communication, with Swedish physicians authoring our articles and case studies. See below for the most current issue and past articles and case studies that were previously published in the Physicians Practice publication. 

March 2014

  • Ablative Intervention Prior to Drug Therapy for AFib
  • Genetic Screening During Pregnancy
  • Clinical Trials May Increase Treatment Options
  • Marijuana Smoking and the Risk of Lung Cancer

January 2014

  • Diagnosing and Treating Pituitary Tumors
  • Cancer Screening: Finding the Right Balance
  • Patients Take Charge of their Lives With Low-BMI Lap-Band Surgery
  • Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases

Doc Talk Newsletter Past Issues


DocTalk Videos

These are web video didactics for physicians to network and gain insight on a colleague's clinical interest. New videos are uploaded every month. Note: Microsoft Silverlight is required to view some of the presentations.



Atrial Fibrillation - Atrial Fibrillation Overview

Breast Cancer - Breast Cancer Overview

Breast Cancer - High Risk Breast Cancer Screening Program

Breast Imaging - Breast Imaging for the Clinician: Current Options & Indications

Cerebrovascular - Cerebrovascular Services Overview

Cholecystectomy - Cholecsystectomy: The Evolution of General Surgery NEW

Colon Cancer - Colon Cancer Screening: Does Colonosocopy Save Lives?

Dementia - When is Dementia Really Adult Hydrocephalus?

Epilepsy - Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and Video EEG Monitoring  NEW

Fecal Incontinence - Contemporary Management of Fecal Incontinence

Hearing- Vertigo, Sudden Hearing Loss & Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Hearing - Diagnosis and Management of Hearing Loss in Adults

Hearing - Advanced Hearing Technology: What Type of Evaluation is Appropriate for My Patient?

Hearing - Diagnosing and Management of Hearing Loss in Adults

Hepatitis C - Hepatitis C Updates

Lung Cancer - Lung Cancer Screening: A Game Change in Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer - Lung Cancer Screening: The Time Has Come

MRSA - MRSA in the Outpatient Setting

Multiple Sclerosis - MS Review: When to Suspect MS and How to Treat  NEW

Musculoskeletal - Musculoskeletal Services at Swedish: The Future is Now NEW

Oral Contraceptives - Managing Oral Contraceptives

Pituitary Disease - Pituitary Disease 101: What to Look For

Podiatry - Diagnosing and Treating Common Forefoot Disorders NEW

Prostate Cancer - Treating Prostate Cancer: Is Less Really More?

Proton Therapy - Proton Therapy: Where are We Going?  NEW

Sleep - Sleep Disorders: A Case-Based Approach

Sleep Apnea - Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Strategies in Management When CPAP Fails  NEW

TAVR - Transfemoral Aortic Valve Replacement Overview  NEW

Thyroid - Evaluation of a Thyroid Nodule NEW

Vascular - Vascular Disease: A Practical Overview

Wounds - Wounds and Primary Care: Two Heads are Better Than One


Back Pain - Back Pain in Children: Common Etiologies

Celiac Disease - Celiac Disease Testing in Children: A Primer for General Practitioners

Epilepsy - Advancements in Pediatric Epilepsy

Fetal - Fetal Renal Abnormalities

Fussy Babies - Research and Updates for Treatment for Fussy Babies  NEW

H.pyori Infection - H.pylori Infection in Children  NEW

Hernias - Management of Inguinal Hernias & Other Groin "Lumps" in Pediatric Patients

Thyroid - Anterior Neck Lumps in Children: Focus on the Thyroid







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