Medical Student Rotations


Swedish Health Services Surgery Residency is in agreement with the University of Washington to host 3rd year medical students for their basic surgical clerkship.


Swedish Medical Center’s Surgery Residency Program offers sub-internship positions to those who have completed their third year of training, including their basic clerkship, with an accredited residency program and/or a regular standardized medical student rotation and in their fourth year of medical school. The Surgery Residency Advisory Committee meets monthly, at which time sub-internship applications are reviewed for acceptance or rejection.

Before you apply – you must consider that:

  • This should not be regarded as a clerkship, as no formal classroom experience is provided other than what is gained from regularly scheduled resident teaching conferences.
  • The experience provided is primarily in the context of the ward and operating room.
  • Sub-internships are offered for four (4) weeks only.
  • Medical students, from LCME accredited institutions with a strong interest in General Surgery residency training, will be given priority consideration for sub-internship opportunities.
  • It is hospital policy that student’s must be covered by their school’s malpractice insurance coverage.
  • Must have had surgical elective and list all electives and where they took place on the application.
  • Provide a copy of USMLE Step 1 scores and prior clerkship transcripts/grades. A copy is accepted.


The sub-intern will be assigned to one of three Chief Residents and one intern; the sub-intern will also be working with members of the resident and teaching staff in the care of their patients.
Appropriate responsibility will be assigned to the student; however, all work will be closely supervised.
Sub-interns will assume night call responsibility – rotating with a junior level resident to whom they are assigned.
Swedish does not provide stipends, room, board, uniforms, or malpractice insurance coverage for these positions. However, we will provide a parking permit for the garage while you are here.

Course Goal:

The goal of the sub-internship opportunity in the Swedish Medical Center/First Hill is the provision of a quality experience in surgical education and training within a private hospital setting, emphasizing a close collegial relationship between teaching attending surgeons, residents, and fourth year medical students who are considering general surgery as a career.

Supervisor Lines of Responsibility:

The Swedish Surgery Residency Program rotations are organized to maximize communication and education between attending surgeon and residents and medical students. The student is individually assigned to work closely with four to six surgical attendings emphasizing close and ongoing contact and communication between the students and the surgical attending concerning all aspects of patient care in the preoperative, interoperative and post operative setting.

All students will work one on one with a junior and/or chief surgery resident at all times, thus maximizing their opportunity to experience resident life, responsibility, and expectations at every level of training. This tutorial relationship with both teaching attending staff and senior residents allows ample opportunity for ongoing evaluation of the student’s experience, fund of knowledge, etc. and the opportunity for instantaneous feedback, response to questions, and encouragement.  Students should plan on participating in the preoperative, intraoperative, and post operative care of at least 10 surgical cases per week.

The closeness of the relationship with both residents and teaching attendings, creates clear lines of supervision at all times for the student. Attending physicians are readily available to the residents and students at all times via the attending surgeon’s office, pager, and answering service.