Kristian Campbell, University of Illinois-Chicago
Resident Project: Evaluation of Neulasta utilization appropriateness and claims data.

KyAnn Wisse, University of Michigan
Resident Project: Establishing a pharmacist in the primary care clinic

Paul Huynh
Resident Project: Pharmacist to dose aminoglycosides in pediatric population

Patrick Tabon
Resident Project: Creating Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services within a Family Practice Clinic setting

Chris Misfeldt
Resident Project: Benefits of the implementation of a pharmacist-managed discharge medication teaching program in pediatric patients hospitalized for respiratory illnesses

Anna Gandelman
Resident Project: Retrospective analysis of the use of dexmedetomidine in the management of alcohol withdrawal

Kennda Zoffka-Zimmerman
Resident Project: Evaluation of vancomycin use in a pediatric population and impact of a pharmacist managed vancomycin dosing protocol

Ganesh Kumarachandran
Resident Project: Implementation of a pharmacist prescribed empiric antifungal treatment protocol in febrile neutropenia patients

Heidi McCarthy
Resident Project: Implementation of a pharmacist prescribed neonatal TPN protocol

Elyse Tung
Resident Project: Establishing a pharmacist managed anemia clinic

Skye McKennon
Resident Project: Reduction of aluminum in neonatal parenteral nutrition

Ronda Machen
Resident Project: Standard concentration for continuous pediatric mediation infusions using Accupedia

Jennifer Riddell
Resident Project: Implementation and outcomes of a STEMI medication box

Claire White
Resident Project: Development of pharmacy medication reconciliation services

Nicholas Feris
Resident Project: Implementation and evaluation of an online guide to chronic pain

Kathleen Porter
Resident Project: Pharmacists improve CHF readmission rates by developing a web-based discharge medication sheet; Development of a pharmacist’s role in the Family Practice Clinic