Application Interview Process

All applicants must participate in the ASHP Resident Matching Program.

If you are interested in becoming a Resident at Swedish’s PGY1 Program, please apply as follows:

A. Register for the ASHP Resident Matching Program by January 6

B. Submit all application materials via the PhORCAS system consisting of:
  1. Curriculum vitae - no longer than ten (10) pages)
       a. Please include any previous names used in official correspondence
       b. Please see Frequently asked questions – Application process for details on content
  2. Letter of intent - one (1) page only
       a. Please address letter of intent to “Resident Selection Committee”
       b. Please see Frequently Asked Questions – Application Process for details on content
       c. Note that personal statements will NOT be accepted
  3. Three references
       a. Two must be from an inpatient or acute care rotation preceptor
       b. One must be from a pharmacy employer (see Frequently Asked Questions – Application Process for exceptions)
       c. References must provide comments on at least seven (7) characteristics (i.e. leadership/mentoring skills, clinical problem solving skills, etc)
  4. Official copy of college transcript for pharmacy school

C. All materials must be received by January 6, 11:59PM EST in order to be eligible for consideration for an interview. Please note that mailed submissions will NOT be accepted.

D. If selected, complete an on-site interview on the following dates only: Monday February 1, Friday February 5, Monday February 8, Friday February 12. Applicants selected for an interview will be contacted by January 25.

E. Submit ranking list by Friday, March 4 to National Matching Program. The SMC ASHP match number is #154413. Results of the match will be released via email on Friday, March 18.

For further detailed application information, please refer to “Frequently Asked Questions” section or contact Kris Eng, Residency Program Coordinator, at