Information for Students and Observers

If you are a medical student or ARNP/Midwifery student that has already contacted someone on the medical staff at Swedish, please visit this link to apply:

We do not set up rotations. We also require and affiliation agreement to be on file and in force with all schools, so please check with your school in advance to make sure an agreement is already in place. If we need to create a new agreement with a school, we ask for two months lead tome to set up the agreement. 

If you are interested in shadowing a physician, nurse practitioner or physicians assistant, please visit, find a physician that you would like to shadow and call their office to arrange a shadowing experience. You will have to call their office to arrange a shadowing experience. We do not facilitate that part of the shadowing experience. You need to determine the dates and times that you would like to shadow, up to 40 hours maximum one time per academic year, and then visit this site to apply:

If you have questions, please call the GME central office at 206-386-2265

This office does not set up observations for registered nurses.

GME observer policy