Cancer Conference Series

Cancer Conference Series

The series provides a forum for case presentations and discussions of protocols/care pathways and technology-related issues in the care of patients with cancer. These forums include prospective case discussions and no more than 25% didactic presentations. Please note: You must be on staff at Swedish Medical Center to attend this series.

Series Objectives

At the conclusion of these sessions, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the treatment options of various cancers which are commonly seen at Swedish Cancer Institute, including breast, genitourinary, gynecologic, thoracic, gastrointestinal, hematologic, head & neck, neurologic, and soft-tissue
  • Implement the protocols related to new research in cancer treatment
  • Compare the outcomes of patient responses to treatment and to discuss cost-effectiveness of care
  • Participate in multidisciplinary cancer teams at Swedish Medical Center
  • Compare and contrast technological options
  • Explore the histopathologic classification of various cancers and appropriate TNM staging
  • Participate in developing guidelines for patient care in selecting radiation therapy, surgery, or other disease management techniques
  • Coordinate the evaluation, counseling and management of patients and families at risk for hereditary cancers
  • Improve awareness of appropriate research treatment protocols available

For more information on the series and to learn how to submit a case to the agenda, please read the following:

Cancer Conference Guidelines

To add a case to the agenda, complete the online case submission form from a Swedish PC (to submit from a non-Swedish/external PC, click here). You may also e-mail the Cancer Conference Coordinator or call 206-386-6519 with the following information. (Submit cases for breast cancer conferences at the Cherry Hill Campus to Teresa Coluccio, R.N., at 206-320-3855.)

  • Patient’s name, spelling is critical 
  • SMC MR#, if available, or SS#
  • Date of birth
  • Diagnosis
  • Attending/Presenting physician
  • Intended cancer conference (we have 12)
  • Location of pathology (see below)
  • Location of diagnostic films (see below)

Agendas are distributed to pertinent physicians, specialists, diagnostic radiology groups, and Dynacare (for pathology).

Diagnostic films

Diagnostic film groups appreciate having films 24-48  hours in advance, in order to preview films for conference. Film studies by Swedish Medical Center’s Radiology Dept. are available on PACs at conference. 

The majority of Swedish Ballard and Swedish Cherry Hill films are available at First Hill campus on PACS, digital imagery.

If the films are “outside films” (another hospital, clinic, Minor & James, the Polyclinic, etc), the physician’s staff requesting the case on the agenda will be responsible to make arrangements for the films to be sent to the correct diagnostic radiology group for review before conference. Alternating schedules are in place for the First Hill Breast Conference and the Thoracic Conference. Please see schedules above.


The physician requesting the case on the agenda is responsible for identifying where the pathology is located. Outside pathology will be noted on the agenda.  Outside pathology can take 12-24 hours to receive for regional requests, and 48 hours or more depending on the distance and the cooperation of the outside facility. A recommendation: Please fax outside path reports to the Cancer Conference Coordinator, or backup staff, who will in turn provide these reports, attached to an Agenda, to Cellnetix Pathology. This improves the chances of pathology being ordered, and available, in time for conference.

Add-Ons/Cut-Off times

Each conference has a recommended cut-off time for adding cases.  The times are established out of respect for the pathologists and diagnostic radiologists in order to allow them a practical amount of time to pull and review slides/films.  If a case is added beyond these cut-off times, the presenting physician is responsible for making arrangements for all pathology and films to be sent to the correct location, and reviewed before conference.  Please see chart above.


Swedish Medical Center is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


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