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Earn continuing medical education (CME) AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ online, on demand, whenever it's convenient for you. 

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Adult Procedural Sedation
The purpose of this protocol is to provide clinical management guidelines to ensure uniform care for the adult patient receiving procedural sedation.

Advance Care Planning
These education materials will educate health care providers on how to comfortably communicate the importance of advance care planning by being able to identify pitfalls and limitations and describe the planning process and roles of patient, proxy, clinician and others to the patient.

Anxiolysis/Minimal IV Sedation
This module is attended for Physician's Assistants intending to include anxiolysis/minimal sedation to patients.  It will provide clinical management guidelines and competency for the purpose of ensuring uniformity of care provided to patients receiving anxiolysis/minimal procedural sedation.

Pediatric Procedural Sedation
The Pediatric Procedural Sedation module will focus on the care of children (newborns through adolescence) undergoing moderate sedation. It will provide clinical management guidelines and competencies for the purpose of ensuring uniformity of care provided to pediatric patients receiving procedural sedation.

Fluoroscopic Radiation Safety
The goal of this online module is to provide participants with the information needed to safely and effectively minimize radiation doses to patients, prevent the possibility of acute radiation injuries, maintain both an actual and perceived safe working environment, and comply with state and federal limits on employees and the general public.

Murdock Stroke Educational Series
Swedish Medical Center received a grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust to implement stroke telemedicine partnerships with four small/rural hospitals in Washington State. As part of this grant, we are pleased to offer TeleCME Stroke educational programs, including live internet broadcasts and online CME courses.