Hemodialysis Fistual Maturation Consortium Study

Hemodialysis Fistual Maturation Consortium Study

Type of Study
Kidney/Dialysis - Other
First Hill Campus
Short Description

The goal of the Hemodialysis Fistula Maturation Consortium (HFMC) is to better understand the predictors and causes of Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) maturation and failure. AVF is by far the best way to access the blood circulation for dialysis.  To accomplish this, the HFMC has designed a prospective cohort study to observe 600 people in whom a native AVF has been created. This study will identify predictors of clinical and physiological AVF maturation outcomes through standardized collection of data.  The major domains to be studied are 1) Vascular Anatomy, of the vasculature before and after AVF creation; 2) Vascular Biology, characterized by functional, structural, and molecular characteristics of the vasculature around the time of fistula creation; 3) Clinical Patient-level Attributes that may independently predict AVF outcomes, and potentially modify the association of vascular anatomic and biological factors with AVF outcomes; 4) Processes of Care that may independently predict AVF outcomes, and possibly change the association of vascular anatomical, biological, and clinical patient-level factors with AVF outcomes; 5) Biology of venous cells, patient specific differences inherent in vein cells grown in culture; and 6) Circulating blood factors, patient specific differences in blood-derived factors.
The planned study is designed to provide rigorously collected and generalizable data from a far larger and more diverse patient population than has previously been studied. The planned study will examine hypotheses regarding mechanisms of successful AVF maturation, thereby potentially leading to identification of targets for future intervention studies.

Principal Investigator
Jonathan Himmelfarb, MD
Eligibility Notes

Inclusion Criteria:
• 18 years or older
• Planning to have surgery for making an AV fistula
• On chronic dialysis, or will be after fistula surgery

There are no exclusion criteria for this study.

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Katy Boreson
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