Early Recognition & Treatment of STEMI - Angel Medical Systems Guardian Implant to detect ST shifts

Early Recognition & Treatment of STEMI - Angel Medical Systems Guardian implant to detect ST shifts and other cardiac irregularities and alert subject to seek medical attention (ALERTS)

Type of Study
Heart & Vascular - Interventional Cardiology Trials
Cherry Hill Campus
Short Description

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Guardian System in comparison to the standard of care in treating patients with a high risk of a heart attack.  The Guardian device was developed to help reduce the time it takes patients to get to the emergency room when they have a heart attack.  The system works by monitoring the heart's electrical signal for anything unusual, which may indicate that a person may be about to or is starting to have a heart attack.  If the Guardian System detects an abnormal heart signal, it will alert to seek immediate medical care.  The Guardian System can also alert if it detects problems that prevent it from working properly, and a person will be alerted to visit their doctor for an evaluation of the device and its configuration.

Principal Investigator
Jeffrey Westcott, MD
Eligibility Notes

For patients having recent (within 6 months) high-risk ACS or CABG.

Start Date
Contact Name
Inger Rasmussen, Study Coordinator