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CRC 11090: (ARCHER 1042 Study) A Phase 2, Multi-Cohort Study To Evaluate The Impact Of Prophylactic Intervention On Dermatologic And Gastrointestinal Adverse Events And Patient Reported Outcomes In Patients Treated With Dacomitinib (PF-00299804)

Type of Study
Cancer (Oncology) - Lung
Swedish Cancer Institute
Short Description

Purpose: To assess the impact of prophylactic treatment on the incidence of adverse events in advanced refractory NSCLC patients treated with PF-00299804 daily as a single agent. To assess the impact of an interrupted PF-00299804 dosing schedule in Cycle 1 on the incidence of adverse events in first-line advanced NSCLC patients with an EGFR mutation (HER-1 mutation, HER-2 mutation or HER-2 amplification).

Open to Enrollment
Principal Investigator
Howard (Jack) West, M.D.
Eligibility Notes
  • Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
  • Prior systemic treatment which includes one standard chemotherapy and failed (refractory) for advanced or metastatic NSCLC
  • Evidence of disease but measurable disease is not mandatory
  • Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) Performance status 0-2, estimated creatinine clearance ≥15 mL/min
  • No prior treatment with an EGFR-targeted or HER-targeted agent.
  • No chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological or investigational agents within 2 weeks of baseline disease assessments.
  • No patients with known diffuse interstitial lung disease
  • No inadequate liver function, including patients with severe liver impairment
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Additional information about the study summary and eligibility criteria may be viewed on the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) website.
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