Paley endometrial - ICG dye

Investigating the Use of Fluorescence Imaging in Endometrial Cancer Surgery

Type of Study
Cancer (Oncology) - Endometrial
Swedish Cancer Institute
Short Description

Purpose: The main purpose of the study is to evaluate the detection rate and accuracy of fluorescence imaging in endometrial cancer staging by sentinel node assessment.

Open to Enrollment
Principal Investigator
Pamela Paley, M.D.
Eligibility Notes
  • Must have planned to undergo standard endometrial cancer staging surgery as part of their routine clinical care
  • No significant liver disease, cirrhosis or liver insufficiency with abnormal liver function tests, with total bilirubin > 1.5 times normal, and/or SGOT > 2 times normal
  • No uremia, serum creatinine > 2.0 mg/dl
  • No previous history of adverse reaction or allergy to ICG dye, iodine, shellfish, or iodine dyes
  • No previous lymphadenectomy or surgery that could change the uterine lymphatic drainage
More Info Link
Additional information about the study summary and eligibility criteria may be viewed on the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) website.
Contact Name
Pamela Paley, M.D.
(206) 965-1700