The benefits of DBS and neuromodulation: helping patients

March 13, 2013

After working in the field of neuromodulation for the past 25 years, I have seen many advances in the field; both in our understanding of the nervous system, and new technology designed to target specific neuronal pathways that will offer the best outcome for patients. It is an exciting field with new investigations that lead to ever expanding knowledge. However, what really keeps me interested in the field after all these years is the opportunity and privilege to be a part of our patients lives on a daily basis. The picture and comment shared below from a grateful patient who had DBS with us two years ago says it all…

"I look back on my experience at Swedish with a grateful heart... thankful for every day I've been given.."

Topics: Neuroscience


I too had DBS surgery last August and am very AMAZED at how it has turned my life into DAILY AMAZEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My experience with Swedish has been OUTSTANDING they are always there for you, they listen, educate you & most importantly they take an invested interest in "YOU" and your family & how they can help to make life with Dystonia easier to live with. I am so excited to share any details so please if you have questions or comments please post them. ~ Michelle McMullen AKA Battery Girl =0)
I am just in awe of the DBS team that took care of me. I was treated with respect and kindness. How soon can the other side be done? Surgery was December 17, 2013.Swedish has an awesome team. I cannot say enough good about them. Thank you.
Hi Georgia,The time between staged DBS surgeries varies with the diagnosis, the patient�s response to therapy, and each patient�s general health and readiness to undergo a second surgery. In general, side 2 is offered anywhere between 2 and 6 months after side one, depending on each patient�s circumstances, and if he or she is healthy and a good candidate for any elective operation. This should be decided with the patient and his/her neurologist and the surgical team.