The Goal of DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) Surgery

February 01, 2013

I met with several patients this week to discuss their personal journey to making the decision to pursue DBS surgery. Not surprisingly, they were well educated about their disease and treatment options.

Each patient reminded me that there is a lot of information and misinformation about surgery for movement disorders.

The most important advice I can give any patient or family is to be your own best advocate when making this decision. Never allow a friend, relative, or healthcare provider to be your quality of life spokesperson. For example, one may tell you “you are not ready, or “it is too dangerous” or even “your symptoms are not bad enough”.

The decision to choose DBS surgery starts with an objective conversation about risks, benefits, and alternatives with a physician who has expertise in DBS.

The goal of surgery is always to improve your quality of life, as measured by you the patient, your family, and nobody else.


Hi ~ for anyone that is thinking of DBS surgery it is a life changing experience, I have had Dystonia scince birth, 40 years of PURE EXPERIENCE. My symptoms began at birth although when I was born knowledge and skill were at the 40 years ago stage and NO ONE knew that Dystonia was DYSTONIA . So pretty much all my life I have been tossed from Doctor to Doctor. It wasn't until I was 15 that I found out what my condition was actually called. None the less my parents fought for me to be in the "mainstream" of school, I could do everything that the other kids could do, I just looked GOOFEY trying to do whatever had to be done) I have a lot of info and story to share and am very open with my life so ........... if you have questions (Even embarrassing or Hard questions just ask) Like I said Deep Brain Stimulation has IMPROOVED my Quality of LIFE OMG I can't even express how much .............. Look forward to share more soon!!!
Hi Michelle McMullen, it is so great to hear about your dystonia problem. It is also great to hear your DBS has improved. I just started to have mine when I was 50years of age right after my car accident. I'm 62years old now, My neck & shoulders are so tight so stiff and my head tilt my eyes twitches, thick tongue that causes me very hard to talk and pronounce my words right. I have lots of friends that told me to go and visit neurology at Swedish Medical Center, they have the best treatments for Dystonia patients. I would like to hear more from you please. Hope to hear from you through email. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you Michelle for sharing, did you take the botox treatments or any other medications to control your nerves and muscles while you went through Dystonia?. And since your DBS has improoved is this means you don't have Dystonia anymore?. Please share more and thank you....!!