New considerations given about when to refer for Deep Brain Stimulation

February 15, 2013

Every year in the fall, our Swedish DBS Team has a table in the exhibit area at the Hope Conference for Parkinson's Disease. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet people in the PD community, and spend time chatting with our other neuroscience colleagues from centers in the area.

I am always surprised by the numbers of people who come by and say, “I am not ready, my disease is not bad enough, I am too young, or I haven't had PD long enough”.

As neurologists gain more information about the impact of DBS on the quality of life in patients after surgery, new considerations are being given about when to refer for DBS. (Click here to read more.)

Topics: Neuroscience


This is a great idea ! Having direct contact with the experts in the field of DBS along with the ability to discuss your own experiences with other and potential other DBS patients hits right on the mark ! One item I would like to identify for all to use (patients and others) to keep their minds busy is a website that my physical therapist (Nate @ Swedish Issaquah) turned me on to - it is called "Lumosity". This site runs you through various games of memory, speed, and skills. It tracks how well you do and can be done on a daily basis at no cost ! You can pay if you want to expand your games but no need to as I have been tracking my progress for weeks. My wife does this also every day (she enjoys it too - she is ahead of me, but I'm catching up!) Try it ! Thanks again to Peggy Shortt for creating this blog. Keep in touch !
Forgot to mention that there is a app called "Mind Jogger" that you can download on your phone that will remind you to "take your pill(s)" or whatever you need to remind you during the day. I use it to remind me! Try it - it works great!