Liposuction Surgery

January 07, 2013

 Liposuction is a surgical procedure designed to reduce and sculpt key regions of the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms and neck. The procedure is generally done using sedative anesthesia in an operating room environment. A skilled liposuction surgeon can create significant improvements to the appearance of the body.

The procedure relies on the use of injected numbing solution (tumescent solution) which is placed beneath the skin while a patient is sedated. Liposuction uses thin tubes placed beneath the skin to selectively remove fatty tissue for a smooth, contoured result. A good liposuction result generally depends on a patient's elastic skin quality. Patients with substantial skin laxity should consider other surgical procedures designed to contour these areas.

Liposuction technology has grown over the past few years. It is now possible to have a liposuction procedure that includes heating with a laser, ultrasound, or fat removal with a water jet. None of these liposuction modalities are required for a good liposuction result. 

What really matters in quality liposuction results is the experience and judgement of the surgeon performing the procedure.

I perform several liposuction procedures each week, achieving beautiful, smooth results for patients. My clinic is in Bellevue and Seattle , WA. 

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I have severe Dercum's with head to toe painful Lipomas as well as Liphedema. Protocol of care to remove the Lipomas is strictly Tumescent Liposuction. I have extreme lower extremity pain from the mass volume number of painful Lipomas impacting my ability to be mobile. It is so painful now, I am essentially sedentary. If I am sitting or at bed rest, pain and symptoms subside considerably. I am looking for a Surgeon that has done Tumescent Liposuction for Lipomas, ideal if Dercum's care.Is this something you do? I am interested in more information such as details of procedure and care costs. I know Dercum's patients usually needed multiple procedures done before achieving some pain and symptom relieve. I would be doing this for such relief and not for cosmetic purposes. Thank you for information.
Julie, thanks for your comment. You can reach Dr. Sattler's office at 206-729-2248 to discuss your questions.