Videos: What is A Brain Aneurysm?

March 08, 2012

What is a brain aneurysm? What are warning signs and symptoms of an aneurysm? To answer these questions, we invite you to watch a video playlist dedicated to answering patient questions about this condition.

A brain aneurysm, also called a cerebral aneurysm, is a blister-like bulge in a weak part of a blood vessel in your brain. It can go unnoticed for a long time. In fact, 1-6 percent of Americans has an aneurysm they don’t know about. If left untreated, however, the pressure of the blood causes that area of wall of the blood vessel to become even weaker, which allows the aneurysm to grow. Eventually the aneurysm may burst, which causes a stroke.

This video playlist will answer the following questions:
What is a Cerebral Aneurysm?
What Causes Cerebral Aneurysms?
Warning Signs and Symptoms of Aneurysms
What are Aneurysm Treatments?
What is Aneurysm Clipping?
What is Aneurysm Coiling?
The Advantages of Choosing Swedish to Treat Aneurysms

Looking for a support group for patients who have had a brain aneurysm? The Swedish Cerebrovascular Support Group has its first monthly meeting on Monday, March 19. (Email for more information.)

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