Comprehensive Spine Center at SNI

August 27, 2010

Neck pain and low back pain are common health problems in the US. They are among the top reasons for doctor visits. They are also the number one cause of disability for people under 45 years of age in the US. The Comprehensive Spine Center at SNI consists of spine surgeons, physiatrists, interventional pain specialists, neuroradiologists, and physical therapists. All these spine specialists can provide the best and most advanced spine care to our patients in the same clinic. We strive to make spine care as convenient as possible to our patients.

The spine center at SNI provides a wide spectrum of surgical procedures to treat spine disorders caused by degeneration, neoplasm, infection, congenital malformation, and trauma. We distinguish ourselves not only by providing superb care to our patients, but also driving new technologies in spine surgery. SNI is the leading center in large clinical trials for cervical artificial disc implants and lumbar artificial facet joint implants. These new spine devices may revolutionize the future of cervical spine and lumbar spine surgeries and further develop motion-preservation technology.

We also provide minimally invasive spine surgery to our patients with appropriate indications. The minimally invasive spine surgery includes lumbar fusion surgery, microdiskectomy and kyphoplasty. With the newly-added state-of-the-art equipment at SNI, we believe the development of the new technology will push minimally invasive spine surgery to a higher level.

Our goal is to make SNI Spine Center a center of excellence in spine care. While providing the newest surgical and non-surgical technologies to our patients, we also set a high standard for care and service to our patients and referral doctors.

Topics: Neuroscience


What is your expertise in the area of Tarlov Cysts? If you have performed surgeries, can you give me the number of procedures and a success ratio?
Thank you for your questions. If the Tarlov cyst is the true cause of the pain (not common), the surgical successful rate is about 60%. Therefore the key of the success is to confirm as much as possible that the Tarlov cyst is the origin of the pain.Post-op complication include infection and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) leak. Not common, but definitely can happen.
Hi There,Do you have expertise with severe spinal stenosis? I want to find the best doctor to get a second opinion for my father, he has a severe case. Best,Kara
Hi Kara, yes. You can speak to a specially trained spine-care nurse who will answer your questions and help you find the surgeon who�s right for your father. You can call the Swedish Neuroscience Institute triage nurse: 206-320-BACK (2225) or Swedish Orthopedic Institute triage nurse: 206-215-6681.
I have L4 schwannoma extradural near nerve root. I have occasional left sciatica symptoms. do you perform minimally invasive surgery for this type of lesion? I also have low central back pain which interferes with sleeping.Thank you, Eric
Hi Eric, this would be something to discuss directly with your health care provider. If you need a referral or would like to make an appointment, please call (206) 215-6681.
Can you tell me what treatments are available with Swedish to treat tarlov spinal cycsts? My daughter has been diagnosed and thinks the only surgeon that treats them is in Texas. She is in excruciating pain.
I live in Alaska and my primary care physician is recommending surgery for a herniation and cervical radiculopathy of my C6 nerve root. A number of people that I have talked to have reservations about our local surgeons. How easy and practical would it be for me to be evaluated at Swedish Spine Center?BTW - your presentations are most interesting but, for a potential patient, kinda scary!
Hi Mark, if you haven't already, you can reach our spine program coordinator at 206-215-6681.
Disc replacement surgery. What are the pre-requisites to qualify and what steps are necessary to proceed?
Hi Greg, I would suggest contacting our spine program coordinator at 206-215-6681.