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Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute Taking Part in Clinical Trial to Help Test Whether New Implant May Regulate Blood Pressure

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SEATTLE, March 31, 2008 -- Millions of people suffer from high blood pressure, a potentially dangerous condition that can lead to heart attack or stroke. For some patients, medicines and lifestyle changes don't work, but now doctors are testing a new approach: implants.KING Television (channel...

Seasoned Surgeon to Lead Swedish Cardiac Surgery Program

Swedish News
SEATTLE, Nov. 1, 2007 – The Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute (SHVI) today welcomed Glenn Barnhart, M.D., as medical director of its cardiac surgery program. In this newly formed position, Dr. Barnhart will be responsible for all program elements.Dr. Barnhart comes to Seattle after serving a...

Sports Performance Program at Swedish's Center for CardioVascular Wellness Featured in Seattle Times Article

Swedish News
SEATTLE, Oct. 25, 2007 -- Today's issue of The Seattle Times featured an article -- with photos -- about a relatively new and unique program called Sports Performance Services offered by staff at Swedish's Center for CardioVascular Wellness on the Cherry Hill Campus.To read this article on T...

P-I Features Article about Clinical Trials Swedish is Involved in Looking at Whether a Causal Relationship Exists Between Migraines, Repairing a Hole in the Heart

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SEATTLE, Oct. 22, 2007 -- The front page of today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer (P-I) features an article about three different clinical trials going on in Seattle that are looking at whether a causal relationship might exist between aura migraine relief and the repair of a common heart defect ...

Puget Sound Work Force Called to Participate in First Start! Walking At Work Day -- April 25 -- Sponsored by Swedish

Swedish News
SEATTLE, April 25, 2007 – The American Heart Association, in partnership with Swedish Medical Center, is calling on companies in the Puget Sound to encourage all employees to wear their sneakers to work for Start! Walking At Work Day on Wednesday, April 25. Start! Walking At Work Day is meant ...

2007 Swedish Heart Diet Answers "What's for Dinner Tonight?"

Swedish News
SEATTLE, Feb. 1, 2007 – What's for dinner that's healthy and delicious? Answer this question with a little help from the 2007 Swedish Heart Diet. This free booklet contains more than 40 heart-healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes and desserts. The 2007 Swedish Heart Diet ...

Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute Cardiologist Interviewed for Seattle P-I Article on Dangers of Trans Fats

Swedish News
SEATTLE, Nov. 2, 2006 -- This week, when Kentucky Fried Chicken announced it was using trans-fat-free oil in its fried chicken, it was a major news story and seen as a move toward healthier foods. As a way to localize this newsworthy national news, Seattle Post-Intelligencer (P-I) Consumer Hea...
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