Pain, anger, and love

April 14, 2014
A high percent of my patients have no interest in giving up their pain. Being a victim is a powerful role – and for many is synonymous with love.
Some of the reasons to remain angry are:
  • It is a familiar pattern
  • It effectively covers up feelings of anxiety
  • You can use it to manipulate those around you
  • Expectations are lowered – of you and others
Another one came to my attention few weeks ago. We were relaxing with couple of friends at a winery on a Saturday afternoon in Napa Valley. I was discussing how my book, Back in Control, was doing. Although I have witnessed hundreds of patients becoming pain free, many people simply do not want consider looking at any information about chronic pain or a structured care process. A significant obstacle to success is not being open to new ideas and engaging with the tools.
Anger and love