Ballard campus

Ballard campus


 Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Swedish/Ballard located at 5300 Tallman Ave. NW in Seattle WA 98107. Volunteering at Swedish/Ballard requires a minimum six month continuous commitment of four hours per week.

If you would like a volunteer application sent to you, please e-mail Carole Williams, Volunteer Services Supervisor at Ballard. Her e-mail address is: Include your full name, postal mailing address and a short summary of why you are interested in volunteering at Swedish/Ballard.

You may also print the application materials and send them in.

Please note Volunteer Services does not facilitate shadowing; internship and externship experiences; these are programs arranged through educational programs at colleges & universities. We also cannot meet the UW nursing application requirement of 100 volunteer hours in three months.
For more information

See How to apply/inquire.
To learn more about volunteering at Swedish/Ballard, give us a call at 206-781-6227.

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