Core Measures Track Quality and Safety

Core Measures come from a set of quality indicators defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Hospital performance in these core measures is collected and reported by Swedish Quality and Patient Safety staff members. The information is pooled together, and personal identifiers are not included. We respect each patient’s privacy and do not release information like names, dates of birth, and addresses.

Core Measures have been shown to reduce the risk of complications and prevent repeat events from majority of patients who come to a hospital for treatment of a condition or illness. Core Measures help hospitals improve the quality of patient care by focusing on the actual results of care.

Understanding SCIP Core Measures

What is SCIP?

The Surgical Care Improvement Project (also known as SCIP) is a national quality association working with hospitals and facilities to reduce surgical complications.

Why do hospitals participate in SCIP?

Hospitals and facilities are seeking to reduce surgical complications because it is in the best interest of patient care. Surgical complications can lead to longer recovery time, permanent disability, and possible death.

Who collects the SCIP data?

At Swedish the surgical care improvement data are collected and analyzed by the Quality and Patient Safety Department.

National and state hospital averages obtained from Washington Hospital Quality Measures WSHA.

Surgical Anitibiotic Core Measures

Pneumonia Core Measures

Heart Failure Core Measures