Issue 20 - SEIU and Swedish Bargaining Team Reach Tentative Agreement on Meal Rest Breaks

Issue 20 - SEIU and Swedish Bargaining Team Reach Tentative Agreement on Meal Rest Breaks

Discussions continue on employee transitions, disciplinary protocol and sick-leave notification

Today, Swedish and SEIU reached a tentative agreement on rest breaks. The tentative agreement includes Service, Tech and RNs and seeks to ensure all employees receive meal and rest periods under agreed-upon guidelines.

The tentative agreement also includes a provision that Swedish would agree to implement an electronic means for tracking missed breaks within six months of the ratification of the Agreement, with a rest break plan developed on a department-level basis within three months of ratification.

Discussions Continue on Many Fronts

Swedish and SEIU continued negotiations on several other issues including: employment transitions between Swedish Edmonds and Swedish Medical Center, disciple and discharge processes, sick-leave notification, floating work groups, and RN committees. The union also outlined questions it had about clinical grouping definitions related to the 4-week training orientation procedures, which Swedish addressed in detail during discussion.

Upcoming Negotiation Meetings

Upcoming negotiation meetings are scheduled for October 3 and October 6, with mediation scheduled for the following week.

Questions or Comments?

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Regarding Disciplinary actions for sick time:
I have two unexcused absences this year - 1 for needing to go to ER for a nosebleed that wouldn't stop, 2, preseptal cellulitis (infection in skin around eye).

Now, I'm sick - went to MD who wrote a note for me to be off work two days (with two days advance notice) - my supervisor states this is unexecused and will count against me. Now I need to go through Matrix to get "approved" medical leave - hassle and ridiculous but if I don't have this "excused" it will count against me - 4 unexcused absences in 1 year and one is disciplined.

These absences are all legitimate illnesses. As a patient, would you want your nurse working with a bloody nose, or active infections? This is the choice we, as nurses are given.

This policy needs to be changed -
10/4/2011 8:08:48 PM
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