Issue 19 - SEIU and Swedish Bargaining Team Recognize Value in Upcoming Mediation Sessions

Issue 19 - SEIU and Swedish Bargaining Team Recognize Value in Upcoming Mediation Sessions

Negotiations continue on several issues with scheduled dates to move toward structured mediation process


Swedish and SEIU continued negotiations on several issues including: graduate RNs, low census, SMC and Swedish Edmonds employee transitions, and definition of the preceptor program. The union also proposed a pilot program adding two FTEs for a Lifting Education and Assistance Team (LEAT) as well as a new Joint Process Improvement Project (JPIP) with a goal of identifying and eliminating waste.

Mediation Scheduled

Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding process aimed at assisting both sides at reaching agreement. Larry Fox, a labor mediation expert who has worked with Swedish and SEIU in the past to resolve issues, will lead these mediation sessions. Mediation is scheduled for October 10, 11 and 12.

Two or three bargaining sessions are also scheduled in the next few weeks. We hope to resolve most non-economic issues prior to mediation on October 10.


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Swedish Bargaining Team
@Employee: Rod Hochman did not get an $8million bonus.
10/5/2011 8:44:57 AM
So are you saying that the administrators, i.e. the CEO, COO, CFO etc DID or DID NOT get a bonus earlier this year? It is reported that Rod Hochman recieved $8million bonus and many millions to the administrators. Please clarify.
10/5/2011 8:29:54 AM
Swedish Bargaining Team
There is no car allowance.

Swedish’s executive team began cost reduction efforts a few years back. Since 2009, Swedish has already reduced expenses more than $30M through cuts in our management departments. In 2009, 201 non-contractual positions were laid off, these reductions included a 50% reduction in vice president positions, 25% reduction in directors, 11% reduction in managers and 8.5% reduction in other non-contractual positions. Management and non-contractual employees have had salary freezes in 2009 and 2011 (except for a small number of positions that received a market adjustment) and freezing the pension plan while providing a company contribution to the 401(k) plan for all non-contractual employees. Also, bonuses were not paid for 2008, 2010, and are unlikely for 2011. In addition, major reductions in supply spending have contributed to substantial cost savings and additional projected reductions along these lines are currently in process.

While these savings have been significant, they are unfortunately not enough to get us to where we need to be -- $200 million reduced over three years.

It is our primary goal to reach a solution that will allow all parties to find a compromise we can live with so that together we can maintain the legacy of Swedish. We are working diligently with employees and with SEIU to achieve that goal.

Thank you for your comment.
9/28/2011 4:45:53 PM
Is is true or rumor that Rod Hochman being the president gets a $60,000 a year for car allowance, and if so why??

They say we are in economic hard times, can't the high upper management volunteer to take a pay cut instead of the employees not getting a raise for 3 years and suffer financial hardships.

Too much fat at the top, but the employees do all the suffering or is expected to.
9/28/2011 11:59:37 AM
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