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Swedish Orthopedic Institute Wins National Design Award from Modern Healthcare Magazine


Creating the future through research at SNI

Clinical research is an essential component of Swedish Neuroscience Institute (SNI). It provides our patients therapeutic options that would otherwise be unavailable to them and places our staff at the forefront of medical knowledge as they evaluate leading-edge drugs and medical devices. The majority of SNI investigations assess the safety and efficacy of new drugs and devices. These studies are typically sponsored by the federal government, or pharmaceutical and medical device companies, with oversight provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Investigator-initiated trials at SNI answer questions about current standard-of-care therapies. These trials play an important role in supporting evidence-based medicine and advancing patient care.

Initiating a research study at SNI begins with a physician identifying a research question or a sponsor asking a physician to investigate a new therapy. After the physician defines the study protocol, he or she presents an overview to the SNI Research Committee to ensure sufficient patient access, financial support and staffing resources are available. After the committee has approved the protocol, the Swedish Institutional Review Board performs its federally-required

Energy Efficiency Built Into Swedish/Issaquah; Planners Intend to Make the new Eastside Medical Office Building and Medical Center the Most Energy-Efficient Facility in the Region

ISSAQUAH, WASH., Sept. 2, 2010 – Lee Brei, Swedish’s director of Facility Services, and Susan Gillespie, senior project manager for the Swedish Issaquah Campus, are on a mission. They intend to make Swedish’s first major Eastside site the most energy-efficient facility in the region. 

What? Where? When? (Swedish Issaquah Services)

The first stage of the medical center opens next summer. Here are just some of the outpatient services that will launch in July 2011, including where they will be located at the new campus:

Signs of Change at Stevens: Community Hospital Now Officially Part of Swedish

EDMONDS, WASH., Sept. 1, 2010 – Today, Stevens Hospital officially became Swedish Edmonds and for a short time, the two signs could be seen together.

In time, visitors and patients will notice significant changes. More health-care services will be offered, the quality of services will improve and more patients will have access to care.

Stevens Hospital, a vital resource for the community over the last 46 years, has made a number of recent improvements to better serve the community and now through a partnership with Swedish, will offer even more.

Swedish’s Organ Transplant Surgeons Climb Mount Rainier Equipped with Social Media Backpack; Doctors Attempt to Host Web Chat from Mountain, Stream a Portion of Climb Using Social Media

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