Watch Mrs. Day's cochlear implant activation - live!

Watch Mrs. Day's cochlear implant activation - live!

By Dana Lewis
Digital Media & Internal Communications | Swedish Blog Administrator

Many people joined us last week to see Mrs. Day's cochlear implant surgery live-tweeted and Instagrammed. (You can click here to view a recap and see the pictures from Instagram.)

One of my favorite parts of the event was seeing the many thoughtful tweets & notes were sent in support of Mr. & Mrs. Day:


Some of the most frequently asked questions we received during the event were:

  1. Why are you doing this? (Answer - read this blog post, and watch this video to learn more about the inspiration behind the #SwedishHear web series.)

  2. Are you livestreaming Mrs. Day's cochlear implant activation?

We weren't originally planning to livestream the activation like we've done livestreams before - instead, we planned to host two, text-based live chats so people could type and read questions and engage directly with Dr. Backous, Stacey Watson (Mrs. Day's audiologist), and Karen Utter (President, Hearing Loss Association of Washington State).

Now we're doing both!

If you tune in at 8:30am on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at, you'll be able to watch Mrs. Day's cochlear implant activation live. We will do our best to narrate what's happening on screen in a chat box that will be directly next to the video, and also on Twitter via @Swedish and #SwedishHear.

Following the activation, we'll still host our scheduled text chat at 10am (and then at 6pm, both Pacific Time), enabling people to ask questions directly to Dr. Backous, Stacey Watson, Karen Utter, and Mr. and Mrs. Day, and see some recorded footage from the surgery itself. There will be a chat feature on the page allowing you to submit comments and questions, or you can participate via Twitter using the hashtag #SwedishHear.

We look forward to having you join us on Wednesday with your questions at - see you then!

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Dana Lewis
Digital Media & Internal Communications | Swedish Blog Administrator

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