Get Schooled on Health

Get Schooled on Health

Many of us would choose not to go back to school. We’re finished with the exams, the studying and the lectures. But does that mean we don’t have anything more to learn? Unlikely. In fact, most of us could afford to get schooled some more…on health. Do you know the latest recommendations for lung cancer screening? Do you know how to cook heart healthy meals? What about the right way to do CPR, do you know it? Even as a health educator, I find myself at a loss with many of these questions. As students head into midterms and finals, maybe we should all hit the (health) books, too!

Of course, if you’ve been out of school for a while, it may seem hard to jump back in or even know where to jump back in. Where should you start? Consider your local health facility. When it comes to health, the hospital or your local health facility is more than just a place to go when you get sick. Hospitals are also the place to go to avoid getting sick. Learning about health is one of the best ways to do this and many hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities have health classes that can exercise your brain (and even your body, too!) Instead of paying a copay to ask a health care provider some basic questions, why not try a health class? Many are free or low cost and can offer opportunities to ask questions and get much needed answers to health questions.

Talk with your doctor, your neighbors or your friends to get recommendations on classes and class locations. Visit local clinics or their websites to see what kind of classes they have available. If you visit, you can see a list of community classes that Swedish hosts at all of its campuses. For instance, coming up January through April, we have interactive healthy cooking classes at Swedish/Cherry Hill and Swedish/Issaquah, and free nutrition classes with dieticians at Swedish/Edmonds. In February, doctors from Swedish’s Lung Cancer Screening Program will be talking about the latest recommendations. Finally, for anyone who is looking to get or renew their CPR or First Aid certification, Swedish holds classes every month. These are just some of the many classes available every month at Swedish locations and we’re always looking for suggestions on topics you want to learn about. Leave suggestions in the comments section below!

You may not be a typical student, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for you to learn. Health and wellness are issues that we should be studying inside and outside of the classroom and what better place to learn than your healthcare home? As students everywhere start cramming for their exams, why not test yourself on your healthcare knowledge! We would love to see you in some of our classes.

Learn more about Swedish’s Community Health Education program and monthly classes by visiting or calling our registration line at 206-386-2502.

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