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Are you a good influence?

Our parents were right. The people we surround ourselves with have a direct impact on our personal lifestyle choices. So, are your friends and family a positive influence on your life? Are you a good influence on those around you? Do you have a training partner that you see on a regular basis?

Most of us are more likely to workout if we make a commitment to meet someone and workout together, it makes us accountable and means letting someone down if we flake out.

Your training partner does not have to be your best friend, they just need to be someone that supports you and motivates you to be a better person. You also don’t need to spend additional money, you can find someone currently in your life.

For example:

Women Invited to Unique, Complimentary Breast Health Event Oct. 25 at the New Swedish Hospital Campus in Issaquah


Issue 21 - Nursing and Tech Sub-Committees Make Progress

Nursing and Tech Sub-Committees Make Progress


The Joint Labor Management Nursing Staffing Committee met today to discuss contract language. The nursing sub-committee made progress on detailing the structure of staffing committees. In addition, several tentative agreements were reached in the tech sub-committee regarding some of the sonographer positions. Other discussions included certification, surgical tech scope of practice, call-back relief and guidelines.

Discussions Continue on Many Fronts


Swedish and SEIU continued discussions on employee dependability, new hires and preceptor definitions.

Upcoming Negotiation Meetings

Swedish Participating in Study to Evaluate Safety, Effectiveness of Implantable Device Designed to Reduce Patient Time to the ER, Improve Survival Rates from Heart Attack in High-Risk Patients

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