Back East Issaquah

Back East Issaquah

By Eric Eisenberg
Executive Chef

I've been spending my time on the East side opening the crowing jewel of Swedish Nutrition Services, Cafe 1910 at Swedish Issaquah.

Unfortunately I have 20 new pounds to show for it!

Imelda Dulcich
I too have enjoyed watching you. My husband and were at the Social Media Lunch today for a demo of the di Vinci and to try out the cafeteria. We had a lovely lunch (and fennel shortbread). Beautiful facility.

Please keep posting Chef Eric. I find your videos warm and engaging. Be encouraged.

10/26/2011 5:34:42 PM
Aaron Blank
Eric, thanks for this post! I can relate. Watching your diet is so hard. Stay on the track and report in. I'm a fan and have been watching your posts since day one. Best of luck! Until your next post, Aaron.
10/21/2011 8:53:29 AM
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Eric Eisenberg
Executive Chef

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