Swedish Neuroscience Institute Clinical Neurophysiology Lab Receives Accreditation; First and Only L

Swedish Neuroscience Institute Clinical Neurophysiology Lab Receives Accreditation; First and Only Lab in Washington State, One of Only 10 West of Mississippi to Receive Honor

SEATTLE, Oct. 1, 2010 – The Swedish Neuroscience Institute (SNI) Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory was recently honored with Accreditation by the EEG Laboratory Accreditation board of ABRET. 

“This is a real honor, especially since we’re the first and only lab to receive accreditation in Washington state and one of only 10 west of the Mississippi,” said Colleen Douville, director of Cerebrovascular Ultrasound and program manager of Clinical Neurophysiology for SNI at Swedish/Cherry Hill. "In this age of quality, safety and outcome measurement, this is an important step in the right direction."

Accreditation means the lab has met strict standards and is recognized as a place where patients and physicians can have confidence they are receiving quality diagnostics. For more information about this accreditation, visit www.abret.org/lab.


ABRET is the national credentialing board for Electroencephalographic (EEG) Technologists, Evoked Potential (EP) Technologists, Long Term Monitoring (LTM) Technologists, and Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring (NIOM) Technologists. ABRET seeks to encourage, establish and maintain the highest standards of clinical Electroencephalography, Evoked Potential Technology, and Neurophysiologic Intraoperative and Long Term monitoring, by offering credentialing exams to evaluate the skills and knowledge of technologists, and by supporting lab accreditation. For more information, visit www.abret.org.

About Swedish Neuroscience Institute

In 2004, Swedish expanded its neuroscience services by establishing the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. The team of leading neurosurgeons and other specialists are building a world-class institute dedicated solely to the treatment and advancement of neurological disorders for patients in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Swedish/Cherry Hill has been designated as the hub for the Institute and has been upgraded with four state-of-the-art operating rooms featuring intra-operative MRI, CT scanning and neuro-interventional radiology capabilities; a renovated neuro intensive-care unit; and a CyberKnife® facility for radiosurgical treatment of tumors throughout the body. SNI specializes in the research for and treatment of stroke; cerebral aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations; movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and tremors; brain tumors (including both malignant tumors and benign tumors such as meningiomas); neuro-endocrine disorders including pituitary tumors; epilepsy; child neurological disorders; neuro-ophthalmology; headaches; multiple sclerosis and many other neurological conditions and diseases. In each category, physicians from different specialties are brought together to provide a multi-disciplinary approach centered on providing top-notch patient care. For more information, visit www.swedish.org.


Dana Lewis | Swedish Blog Administrator
Hi Rose, you can learn more about the services offered at Swedish by visiting www.swedish.org/stroke or calling 206-320-3200.
9/30/2013 3:10:45 PM
Rose Simon
I would like to learn about your services especially for a six year post stroke survivor.

Thank you.
R. Simon
9/30/2013 3:04:43 PM
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