Redefining Cancer: New Targets and New Treatments

Redefining Cancer: New Targets and New Treatments



Howard L. (Jack) West, MD
Unfortunately, I don’t have any clinical trials for this situation. Management of meningeal carcinomatosis remains very difficult. The management of this complication in breast cancer is really distinct from the process in lung cancer, so I would advise that the best source of information will be a breast cancer specialist or ideally a neuro-oncologist if one is available near where you live.
8/20/2013 8:55:48 AM
I would like to introduce myself as a husband which wife was last week diagnosed with "carcinomatous meningitis" in the cerebrospinal fluid and a small Brain metastasis.
Two year ago she was diagnosed breast cancer and had a successful treatment ( mastectomy included) until 3 weeks ago which symptom alert started with terrible back and cervical pain.

In a first phase the doctors already gave her two shots of MTX direct in the liquor.

In a second phase she was submitted to radio therapy for 5 consecutive days.

The improvements are still quite low.

Present problems and symptoms:
- Not walking (legs are dormant/asleep and without force)
- Not heating by stomach and alternative is heating by the blood ( intravenous)
- Double vision
- Nose secretions
- Back and Headaches controled by morfine
- Not talking (just whispering ), one vocal chord is straight
- General lack of force

After reading your interesting clinic web site I would appreciate your help to inform me if you have any treatment or clinical trials for such cases.

Best regards,
8/20/2013 1:51:52 AM
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